ShakeologA lot of entrepreneurs start a business with an idea that they can launch themselves to success. In the case of Carl Daikeler, his mission was to help others find satisfaction and confidence in themselves. In the mid-1980s, Daikeler was filming halftime shows for the NFL. When the decade turned to the 1990s, he switched gears a little to move into the infomercial industry. While working in that industry, he observed the proliferation of at-home fitness products.

Carl Daikeler reasoned that the hassle of going to the gym, the growing obesity epidemic in the United States and the lack of confidence that people had in their bodies were the key reasons why people eschewed the gym to exercise at home. Daikeler wanted to make their lives more convenient, so he and a co-founder launched Beachbody. This exercise program consisted of DVD workout videos that the buyer could use from home any time. The option to exercise at home turned out to be pleasing to consumers, and Daikeler went on to film hundreds of workout videos. He’s featured in many of them.

Technology changes quickly, and Daikeler wanted to ensure that the Beachbody program would remain relevant and useful to participants. The launch of Beachbody on Demand in 2015 and its companion OpenFit app in 2018 provided additional convenient options for people to support each other and advance in their fitness and self-confidence journeys.


Carl Daikeler also wanted to help people support optimal nutrition. Knowing that a typical American’s diet has a lot of nutritional gaps, he and his nutritionists developed the Shakeology nutrition program. It’s a complement to Beachbody. Whey- and plant-based protein powders in a range of flavors make up the Shakeology program. Participants combine the powder with a plant-based or dairy milk of their choice to make satisfying shakes.

Shakeology’s nutritional drinks fill gaps in fiber consumption, vitamins and minerals. The combination of 16 or more grams of protein and plenty of fiber makes a person feel full, so they’re less likely to snack or overeat. Shakeology makes it easier for a person to reach their weight goal.