Alex Hern Wants To Shae Up Virtual Reality


Most people don’t associate virtual reality with their job, but Alex Hern wants to change that. The next step towards the acceptance of virtual reality is in our work. His tech firm Tsunami VR is creating workplace solutions for companies from every background, and he’s finally receiving recognition. Although he isn’t the first entrepreneur to develop workplace VR, he’s becoming one of the most innovative. Tsunami VR doesn’t have a long history behind it, but he’s working on creating a legacy we will remember for years to come. Visit to know more.

Interactive entertainment and immersive movie experiences are catching the eyes of countless consumers. While there are workplace apps and software available for VR devices, most attempts are too dull for the market. This is where Tsunami separates itself from the pack. Their VR software is intuitive without losing functionality. The user interfaces Tsunami provides makes it easy to replace office equipment and cut expenses along the way. The acceptance of virtual reality is going to come through benefits like this. It’s going to take more than gimmicks to convince people they need to replace our current office technology. Entrepreneurs are going to need to see actual results they can use.


Alex Hern was an entrepreneur with a vision he needed to show the world. Most of the innovation in virtual reality appears to come from the gaming industry, but this can change. Hern wants to show us that virtual reality is as practical as it is amusing. It can change the way we interact with each other in all domains of life. If Tsunami VR succeeds in making a mark on the tech industry, we’ll see a new wave of VR apps in our work life. Innovation will always carry certain risks with it, but Alex Hern believes its worth every effort he puts in. Learn more about Alex at

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