Alejandro Betancourt is a well-known businessperson. He has a double degree majoring in economics. He holds a minor in business administration and specializes in international trade. Alejandro is the biggest stakeholder of Pacific Exploration and Production, a company that deals with exploring and producing natural gas and crude oil. The company operates in South American countries, including Guyana, Guatemala, Peru, etc. Alejandro Betancourt has held the role of Latin American Director of Trade at ICC-OEOC, which is a company based in North America. He has been an Executive Trader in the same company in its United Kingdom Delegation. Alejandro also worked in BGB Energy as a director, a subsidiary of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Alejandro Betancourt has a stake at Job and Talent, which is the top digital non-permanent staffing agency. Job and Talent has made the labor market more flexible with its high-demand staffing marketplace. He joined the company in 2018 and was among the participants who helped it raise above $10 million for the brand. The services provided by this company are flexible and can be accessed from anywhere using a smartphone. In addition, the company has developed a system that enables employers to easily manage their employees’ information and more

Alejandro Betancourt also staked in Easy Payment Gateway and became its biggest shareholder. Therefore, he is a board member of this company and holds an advisory role. The company was launched in 2014, and it focuses on the enrichment of data and payments that are done online. Regardless of geolocation, anyone possessing an online store can access the service and use it to process online payments.