Agora Financial – Educating You in Financial Independence

With a steadfastness to remain completely independent and deliver the most truthful economic commentary around, Agora Financial always delivers. Agora Financial provides its readers with both free and paid publications. The commentary is often original and groundbreaking from what the normal economic news media says. Agora Financial is not afraid to make bold and unique statements about the state of the ecomony and investment opportunites.  Agora Financial has a research philosophy that originates in the “Boots On the Ground” principle. They don’t believe in writing about what is said all over the internet or recapping what someone else has already said. With the “Boots On the Ground” approach Agora will spend over one million dollars annually to put their investigators at the forefront and source of undiscovered investment opportunities.

Some of these include North Dakota for oil discoveries, South Africa for hidden gold mines, and also Mongolia for their real estate boom. This means that their subscribers are alerted of these new investment opportunities at the front end before the mainstream media reports on it, allowing for those who do invest from their information to make HUGE profits. Case in point, Agora went on the record in 1999 about gold. They were advising to invest in gold when it was $259 an ounce. Gold went on to reach over $1,900 an ounce. Those that took their advice have seen gains of over $1,600 per ounce of gold or 735%! Agora also predicted the 2008 Mortgage Crisis in 2004. This left their readers time to protect themselves and avoid huge losses.

Agora also told their readers that oil was about to spike when it was trading for $55 a barrel back in 2007. A year later oil topped its all time high at $147 a barrel. Agora’s track record speaks for itself. The company has been a dominate force since it’s inception in 1979. They are constantly ahead of the mainstream media with groundbreaking investment opportunities. Their goal is to assist you with sorting through the bad advice in the investing and financial world which leaves most investors overwhelmed and confused. They have been doing this for over a decade and even tell you when the time to buy and sell is, making it extremely easy for you to manage your own finances. This gives you the power to navigate your own financial future.

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