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James Dondero: The Global Market and Argentina

When President Mauricio Macri took office, he became determined to make sure that Argentina made its way into the global arena. He had back up with the government being into business and with that made some very crucial policy changes that helped the country’s economy. James Dondero foresaw the future of Argentina and decided to invest in that country because of their willingness to take a step forward. Off all the Latin American countries, Argentina was the only one that showed initiative in wanting a brighter economic future. Read more about James Dondero on Bloomberg.

Sending two teams down to help Argentina turn towards the road of investing; Dondero saw an opportunity to pour into a country that can make a significant impact for global competition. He was right. The country managed to raise $16.5 billion, which was a capital raising record. Argentina not only caught everyone’s attention but also got everyone’s respect. Thanks to Dondero and his team for steering the way for their success Argentina is now a competitive global market player. Even Highland Capital analyst Mauro Staltari saw the potential of the country. He said that they were different. The other Latin countries are riled up in corruption and other government hostilities to notice their condition and do anything about it. Here is Argentina in the middle of the chaos and just thriving. They are on the largest economy list at number three right now. President Macro should be proud of how he helped his country get back on the economic forefront. Follow James on Linkedin.

Making intelligent investments is what James Dondero does and to risk pouring investments into a country is risky, but it paid off in this case. No one can tell him that he does not know a good investment when he sees one. The question is, however, who is next in line?


Alex Hern Wants To Shae Up Virtual Reality


Most people don’t associate virtual reality with their job, but Alex Hern wants to change that. The next step towards the acceptance of virtual reality is in our work. His tech firm Tsunami VR is creating workplace solutions for companies from every background, and he’s finally receiving recognition. Although he isn’t the first entrepreneur to develop workplace VR, he’s becoming one of the most innovative. Tsunami VR doesn’t have a long history behind it, but he’s working on creating a legacy we will remember for years to come. Visit to know more.

Interactive entertainment and immersive movie experiences are catching the eyes of countless consumers. While there are workplace apps and software available for VR devices, most attempts are too dull for the market. This is where Tsunami separates itself from the pack. Their VR software is intuitive without losing functionality. The user interfaces Tsunami provides makes it easy to replace office equipment and cut expenses along the way. The acceptance of virtual reality is going to come through benefits like this. It’s going to take more than gimmicks to convince people they need to replace our current office technology. Entrepreneurs are going to need to see actual results they can use.


Alex Hern was an entrepreneur with a vision he needed to show the world. Most of the innovation in virtual reality appears to come from the gaming industry, but this can change. Hern wants to show us that virtual reality is as practical as it is amusing. It can change the way we interact with each other in all domains of life. If Tsunami VR succeeds in making a mark on the tech industry, we’ll see a new wave of VR apps in our work life. Innovation will always carry certain risks with it, but Alex Hern believes its worth every effort he puts in. Learn more about Alex at

Highland Capital Management Provides Bush Center Endowment

Highland Capital Management continued the support it has previously shown the George W. Bush Presidential Center to the tune of a new gift of endowment worth $10 million. The gift will be used to help sustain the many programs the Center makes available for the benefit of the public. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.


Highland Capital will now become the sponsor and namesake of the ‘Engage At The Bush Center’ lecture series that brings authors, leaders of thought, and prominent people to the Bush Center for discussions. The announcement was a joint one made by Highland Capital President and co-founder James Dondero along with the Chief Executive Officer of the Bush Presidential Center Kenneth Hersh.

Hersh expressed his appreciation for the continued support the Center has received from Highland Capital and says that the company is a major reason the Bush Center has progressed to the point that it has. Hersh went on to say that the present endowment is important to secure the future availability of the Center’s lecture series and the operations of the Bush Presidential Center itself.

Highland Capital invested $5 million in the Bush Center in the past and is an original benefactor of the organization.


The Bush Center will show its appreciation for the endowment gift from Highland Capital by allowing the firm to sponsor a variety of events at the Center including the Engage Lecture Series as well as the ‘Highland Capital Lecture’ that is held annually at the Center.

The Engage Series has often prompted sell-out crowds at the Center and has been an important part their Engagement Agenda since 2015. Past guests of the series include Condelezza Rice, Jeanna Bush, SNL creator Lorne Michaels, Former director of the NSA and CIA General Michael Hayden, and many other interesting people.

About Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment manager founded in 1993 that has grown to be a multi-billion dollar company operating globally. The firm maintains a diversified client base that includes public pension plans, financial institutions, endowments, and individuals possessing higher than average net worths. Read more at

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