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Avaaz Puts Power Back in the Hands of People

For years, people didn’t have much power when it came to their own lives and their own rights. They didn’t know what would happen if they had to deal with different problems, but Avaaz knew how they could help people with the things they had to offer. They were confident they could give the community what it needed and that was a big part of their business plan. By starting their organization, they prepared to show people how things would get better. They were also preparing themselves to give attention where others might be able to take advantage of it. As long as Avaaz continued helping people through the things they had to offer, Avaaz knew they were getting more out of the business.

They also knew everything would get better because people could take advantage of the options they had. It was their point to always give them what they needed and Avaaz knew what they were doing to help people. For Avaaz, the point of the business was to grow enough they could show people what they were missing out on if they didn’t take advantage of human rights services. They wanted people to see their lives would be better no matter what they were like before Avaaz stepped in.The company even helps animals with their rights. They don’t want anyone to suffer and that includes animals. Since they dedicate themselves to helping animals, Avaaz knows there is a lot of importance that comes from giving them the help they need.

They also know they can do more to give the community a better shot at things getting better. As animal rights activists, Avaaz can show people the right way to do business. They may also help people through things they need help with while they’re standing up for animals. All around, Avaaz is a great company within the rights industry. They’re an organization dedicated to helping and giving back. They also know what they can do to promote the help of other people. As long as Avaaz knows what they’re doing, they feel good about the business. They also feel good about what they’re doing so people can enjoy their lives. The point of the organization is to give back. If they can give back, other people will see how well the organization operates and they’ll want to enjoy different things in their organizations or personal lives.

The Driving Force Behind InnovaCare Health’s Booming Success

InnovaCare Health is a health and wellness company. It excels in managed healthcare services. The firm operates from New Jersey, and it is the leading provider in North America. It offers healthcare plans supported by Medicare Advantage and physician practices. InnovaCare is at the forefront of reinventing healthcare management practices that address complex and evolving challenges in the industry. Driving this innovation is the CEO, Rick Shinto.


His chief administrative officer counterpart is Penelope Kokkinides. Together, the two are providing unmatched leadership in InnovaCare Health and the medical industry. Rick Shinto also serves as the president. He is an award-winning business leader. He was recognized by Ernst & Young with the Entrepreneur of the Year while working at Aveta Inc. In addition, he was honored with the Access To Caring Award given by Western University.


This was a recognition of his efforts to provide quality healthcare to low-income families. He led Aveta to great success for over four years before it was sold and restructured to InnovaCare Health in 2012. Rick has also held key positions in numerous managed healthcare providers. Some of these include NAMM California, Medical Pathways, MedPartners, and Cal Optima. He is on the board of various industry and physician associations.


Rick is a practicing physician. He has an in-depth understanding of the operational dynamics between physician teams in a highly competitive market. He excels in guiding the company to improve efficiencies in providing quality care. Rick has published numerous articles in the field of healthcare and clinical research.


In the same fashion, Penelope Kokkinides has over twenty years in the managed care industry.


She is adept at optimizing organizational infrastructure and enhancing operational efficiencies. Kokkinides has previously worked for Aveta, Centerlight, Touchstone Health, and United Health among others. Find Related Information Here.


She is highly qualified. She has a biological sciences degree and a master’s degree in public health among other certifications. She brings a wealth of healthcare management expertise to InnovaCare. She is at home handling government plans, clinical programs, strategic direction and managing healthcare processes between multiple players.


InnovaCare  Health is committed to offering pioneering healthcare by leveraging sustainable provider networks and cutting-edge technology. The provider models encourage close collaboration and are cost-effective.


The privately-held company has a large customer base in North America and Puerto Rico. It employs a patient-focused approach that ensures the delivery of quality medical care. Through the focused leadership of the highly experienced teams of professionals, InnovaCare helps millions achieve healthier outcomes and improve their quality of life.


If you are a recent graduate that majored in finance, you are probably looking for a recruitment organization that will help you identify the best organizations that are currently hiring employees. If you are stuck in a dead-end job and would like to find new opportunities in finance, you are probably searching for a recruitment platform that specializes in providing information about high level openings in finance. GoBuyside is such an organization with a global reach. Their staff is filled with professionals that have the ability to match the candidate with just the right company or corporation. Read this article at Nasdaq.

A Unique Global Reach

It is easy to assume that most recruitment organizations have a wide and global reach. The fact is that many recruitment organizations only provide local services. GoBuyside is uniquely different in a positive way. They work globally with over 400 clients that clearly have confidence in the organization to deliver only the most talented individuals to them. In fact, the company has worked with 10,000 firms in about 500 cities globally. If you are searching for talented people in business or finance, GoBuyside is the recruitment organization that will deliver the results. If you are looking for a new career in finance, GoBuyside is the place to go. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

About GoBuyside

GoBuyside is a recruitment firm that works diligently to connect the best talent with Fortune 500 organizations. The corporation is very familiar with the fund management industry and recently released vital information about the changes that global organizations should expect in the new year. Clearly, they are one organization that would like to make sure that their clients are GDPR compliant. This refers to the new Data Protection Regulations.

GoBuyside is remains committed to informing all their clients about the unique changes that dramatically affect their organizations while using advanced and improved technology to stay compliant and provide their clients with the most talented individuals to fill the openings with their organization. GoBuyside demonstrates that their approach to finding only the highest level of talented individuals is a more than suitable approach for today’s business and financial organizations to employ talented individuals across the globe.


Equities First Holdings UK

Equities First Holdings decided to expand their territories by establishing subsidiaries in some countries due to the increase in demand for stock-based loans. They were receiving huge number of investors from all parts of the world. Equities First Holdings decided to open their first subsidiary in the UK.

Equities First Holdings London (UK) was first referred as Meridian Equity Partners. Through the help of prominent lawyers, Christy Jr. was able to acquire it and changed to Equity First Holdings London in 2014. Meridian Equity Partners was formerly known for offering financial advisory services on investments. EFH London was established to offer alternative financial solution by providing investors with stock-based loans, and what Equities First knows.

Since the acquirement from Meridian Equity Partners in 2014, Equities First Holdings London has managed to record a significant number of transaction. They have also managed to disburse a significant amount as shareholder loans to their clients, and more information click here.

Agora Financial – Educating You in Financial Independence

With a steadfastness to remain completely independent and deliver the most truthful economic commentary around, Agora Financial always delivers. Agora Financial provides its readers with both free and paid publications. The commentary is often original and groundbreaking from what the normal economic news media says. Agora Financial is not afraid to make bold and unique statements about the state of the ecomony and investment opportunites.  Agora Financial has a research philosophy that originates in the “Boots On the Ground” principle. They don’t believe in writing about what is said all over the internet or recapping what someone else has already said. With the “Boots On the Ground” approach Agora will spend over one million dollars annually to put their investigators at the forefront and source of undiscovered investment opportunities.

Some of these include North Dakota for oil discoveries, South Africa for hidden gold mines, and also Mongolia for their real estate boom. This means that their subscribers are alerted of these new investment opportunities at the front end before the mainstream media reports on it, allowing for those who do invest from their information to make HUGE profits. Case in point, Agora went on the record in 1999 about gold. They were advising to invest in gold when it was $259 an ounce. Gold went on to reach over $1,900 an ounce. Those that took their advice have seen gains of over $1,600 per ounce of gold or 735%! Agora also predicted the 2008 Mortgage Crisis in 2004. This left their readers time to protect themselves and avoid huge losses.

Agora also told their readers that oil was about to spike when it was trading for $55 a barrel back in 2007. A year later oil topped its all time high at $147 a barrel. Agora’s track record speaks for itself. The company has been a dominate force since it’s inception in 1979. They are constantly ahead of the mainstream media with groundbreaking investment opportunities. Their goal is to assist you with sorting through the bad advice in the investing and financial world which leaves most investors overwhelmed and confused. They have been doing this for over a decade and even tell you when the time to buy and sell is, making it extremely easy for you to manage your own finances. This gives you the power to navigate your own financial future.

Agora Financial and Their Unique Services

What is Agora Financial?

Agora Financial is a privately owned publishing company. They provide analysis and education of the economy. They offer online publications, seminars and videos to assist those looking to manage the economy’s fluctuations.They provide unbiased news on economical market. Agora has been included in many features, including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg and Los Angeles Times.

What does Agora Offer?

Agora offers factual insight on the market. They provide clients with a plan on how to build their wealth and secure their funds. Many of retirees struggle with maintaining their lifestyle after retirement. Agora assists those looking for a non-biased opinion on the trends of the economy.Everyone is aware the economy is constantly shifting and changing. With services like Agora, clients are better prepared for those changes. The editors of Agora travel domestically and internationally to research the current trends in economic development. Agora is insistive upon discovering economic trends before any other company does.

Usually once a company has been mainstreamed, the investment venture is no longer profitable. Being an early investor is key to profitable margins.Agora seeks the newest economic development and delivers it to their clientele. Agora has a team of proven professionals. They include a geologist from Harvard, an award wining film maker, a New York Times bestselling author and many more. They acquire professionals from all over the United States to partake in their exclusive services.In fact, Agora has predicted some of the biggest economic shifts. Some of which include predicting the mortgage crisis years before anyone else, as well as predicting the increase in oil prices while it was still at its lowest cost. Agora and their team of experts are a few steps ahead of the rest.

How to Join Agora:

It is simple to become an Agora client. First, visit their website and download a free ebook on the best ways to save money. They provide answers to commonly asked questions from clients on their website. They have been helping predict trends for over 25 years.

Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell graduated from Michigan State University receiving his BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree in 1986. Since his graduation, Michael has gained an amazing 31 years of experience in financial services with PriceWaterHouse Cooper LLP as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). He also has 11 years in audit experience as well as, 12 years’ experience in transaction services.


During Michael Burwell’s time with Pricewaterhouse Coopers, he held many different senior leadership positions such as a partner with the company starting in 2006, the global and US transformation team leader, COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CFO (Chief Financial Officer), leader of transaction and automotive services and the transaction services group. Along with the achievements previously mentioned, Burwell has also been in charge of many buy, sell and trade projects for bigger companies and private clients. Michael Burwell has led teams in inspections of business enhancements, customer and product profitability and investment fund projections.


Michael Burwell has been a chairman for the past 6 years as well at the Automotive Suppliers M&A Institute Conference where he is a frequent speaker and writes about this and other related topics. Mr. Burwell is also lead in PcWs Global Automotive Shareholder Value Awards Team. Michael now serves in the greater Detroit area still practicing as a Certified Public Accountant.


In October of the year 2017, Michael Burwell was invited to Willis Tower Watson and took the place of the CFO (Chief Financial Officer). Willis Tower Watson is a global advisory, broking and solutions company helping clients worldwide to turn a risky investment into a road of success. According to Colin McKay, the head of Pricewaterhouse Cooper LLP transaction service group, “Mike has been instrumental in the development of one of our most important regions”.  You can also Visit This Page for more information.


The Top Leadership of InnovaCare Health

Richard Shinto


Currently, Richard Shinto serves as InnovaCare’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Between 2008 and 2012 he was the President as well as Chief Executive Officer of Aveta Incorporation. Initially, Shinto served on the board of the management team. Today, Shinto heads InnovaCare’s Health Plan in Puerto Rico.


Richard Shinto has over 20 years of experience in managed care and clinical healthcare. Before his way up as Aveta’s CEO, Shinto was the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California. Initially, he served as Chief Medical Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Medical Pathways. Between 1996 and 1997, Richard Shinto was MedPartners’ Corporate Vice President of Medical Management. In 1997, he left for Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer.


Upon graduating with a Medical degree from the State University, New York and an MBA from Redlands University, Dr. Shinto began his career as a pulmonologist and internist in Southern California. Besides, Shinto has authored several articles related to health care and clinical operations.


See This Article for additional information.



Dr. Shinto’s awards


Dr. Shinto was the winner of the 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award. The award goes to exceptional leaders who demonstrate excellence in areas of innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to the society and business.


Penelope Kokkinides


Penelope Kokkinides serves as InnovaCare’s Chief Administration Officer. Having specialized in government programs, Medicare and Medicaid, Penelope brings an added layer of expertise in healthcare and managed care industry. For decades, Penelope Kokkinides has an extensive experience in managing healthcare processes and developing clinical programs. As such, Penelope is known for his excellence in improving efficiencies and infrastructure in the healthcare industry.



Before joining InnoVacare, Penelope served in various managerial positions. He was once the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Centlight Healthcare. Here, Penelope would provide strategic direction in the managed care division. He also worked as Touchstone Health’s Chief Operating Officer as well as the Corporate Vice President of AmeriChoice, an affiliate of UnitedHealth Group. At AmeriChoice, Penelope Kokkinides was instrumental in the development and execution of the company’s health model.


About InnovaCare Health


It is the leading provider of Medicare Advantage plans, PMC Medicare Choice and MMM Healthcare in Puerto Rico. Today, InnovaCare Health has a membership of close to 200,000 individuals served by more than 7,500 service providers. Additionally, InnovaCare administers Puerto Rico’s government health plan that provides a broad benefit coverage through a coordinated care model. InnovaCare commits to providing quality healthcare by creating sustainable and affordable care models that integrate with the latest technology.