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James Dondero: A Man Of Success

James Dondero is a man of success. He has done well in his career, but he is also a charitable man and a well-educated man. More about his life will be discussed, so readers can get a better idea of why he is successful.

James Dondero’s Career

Mr. Dondero sits on the board of directors at Jernigan Capital. He has been on the board since summer 2016. The businessman is also one of the founders of HCM, short for Highland Capital Management, an alternative investment firm. He has acquired over three decades of experience in the equity and credit markets, but his main focus is on distressed and high-yield investing. Read this article at

The CLO market (Collateralized Loan Obligation) was pioneered under Mr. Dondero’s leadership. Not only that, but he has played a major role in the further development of credit-oriented solutions for both retailer investors and institutional investors worldwide. Before finnding his company over 20 years ago, worked at Protective Life, as well as at American Express.

Besides leading HCM, Mr. Dondero is the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare. He’s the chairman of CCS Medical and NexBank, too. Mr. Dondero is a member of MGM Studios’ board and a member of American Banknote’s board.

Mr. Dondero Is Charitable

The businessman is charitable. He supports an array of initiatives, including those regarding public policy, education and veterans’ affairs. He and HCM are known for contributing to many organizations in the communities they operate in. Read more about James at Crunchbase.


Mr. James Dondero was an excellent student, which has played a role the successes he would achieve later on in life. He earned high honors at the University of Virginia. Upon graduating from college, he received dual majors in finance and accounting. He is both a certified public accountant and a certified management accountant. Additionally, he is qualified as a chartered financial analyst.

James Dondero does a good job leading HCM. The businessman is passionate about helping those in need and he is well-educated. It’s no secret why he is expected to lead HCM on the path of success.


Agora Financial and Their Unique Services

What is Agora Financial?

Agora Financial is a privately owned publishing company. They provide analysis and education of the economy. They offer online publications, seminars and videos to assist those looking to manage the economy’s fluctuations.They provide unbiased news on economical market. Agora has been included in many features, including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNBC, Bloomberg and Los Angeles Times.

What does Agora Offer?

Agora offers factual insight on the market. They provide clients with a plan on how to build their wealth and secure their funds. Many of retirees struggle with maintaining their lifestyle after retirement. Agora assists those looking for a non-biased opinion on the trends of the economy.Everyone is aware the economy is constantly shifting and changing. With services like Agora, clients are better prepared for those changes. The editors of Agora travel domestically and internationally to research the current trends in economic development. Agora is insistive upon discovering economic trends before any other company does.

Usually once a company has been mainstreamed, the investment venture is no longer profitable. Being an early investor is key to profitable margins.Agora seeks the newest economic development and delivers it to their clientele. Agora has a team of proven professionals. They include a geologist from Harvard, an award wining film maker, a New York Times bestselling author and many more. They acquire professionals from all over the United States to partake in their exclusive services.In fact, Agora has predicted some of the biggest economic shifts. Some of which include predicting the mortgage crisis years before anyone else, as well as predicting the increase in oil prices while it was still at its lowest cost. Agora and their team of experts are a few steps ahead of the rest.

How to Join Agora:

It is simple to become an Agora client. First, visit their website and download a free ebook on the best ways to save money. They provide answers to commonly asked questions from clients on their website. They have been helping predict trends for over 25 years.