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Frozen Treats For Summer

One of the ways to cool off in the summer heat is to enjoy a frozen dessert. It could be anything from a tall frozen latte in a glass or a bowl of ice cream with all the toppings. Another idea is an ice box cake. The concept is simple, and you can make the cake with any kind of ingredient that you like.


The icebox cake is one that doesn’t require any baking and that is made with wafers that are hidden away between layers of whipped cream and other items, like fresh strawberries or chocolate ice cream. Once the layers are made, you chill the cake overnight so that it’s set when you cut into the dessert. Start your morning right with a caramel latte cake that is full of chocolate slivers, caramel drizzle on top and a base of latte cream that between flaky vanilla wafers. Spread whipped cream on the top before adding the caramel for a cake that tastes like it came from a glass of coffee.


Enjoy a sweet treat with a cookie butter and apricot cake. It has cheesecake for the layers with wafers that have a buttery flavor along with a hint of cinnamon. Apricot preserves are spread on the wafers or shortbread cookies before adding the cheesecake. Crush shortbread cookies to put on top of the cake before adding lines of the preserves. Another idea with the icebox cake is to put it in a small glass jar. Layer all of the ingredients like you would with a larger cake but in a smaller setting. This idea makes the cake easier to enjoy and is ideal for a summer cookout.


The US Money Reserve Encourages Gold Investment

There are quite a few different ways to invest in the modern day, and someone who is interested in investment may try gold coins. There are many people who are using gold coins to invest because gold is more stable than any other investment tool.

Someone may invest their money in gold at any time, and they may collect gold coins simply because they are a fun thing to play with. This article explains how gold investment is safer for everyone, and it shows that this company makes some of the finest coins in the world.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of Gold Investment?

Gold investment at the US Money Reserve is important because it provides the user with a number of opportunities to save their money in a format that is beautiful. It is easy for people to keep these coins for as long as they like, and there are many people who wish to collect these coins for posterity and value. The collections are fun to display, and they will gain value the larger they become.

#2: How Long To Keep The Coins

Gold coins may be kept for as long as possible, and there are many different people who will hold their coins until it is time to retire. The retirement age for the person will shift based on their personal experience, and it is important for someone who wants to invest to purchase the gold coins for a long period of time.

#3: Trading On Beauty

Trading on the beauty of the coins is quite important, and there are many people who will want to trade these coins because they have found designs that make them happy. The trades may be made at any time for the perceived value of the coins, and they will be more fun for the traders to hold until they find someone who will give them value.

The trade on value of these items is quite important for everyone, and it helps make the collection more valuable to more rare the coins get.

Glassdoor reported that the US Money Reserve is encouraging people to invest in gold coins, and they are producing many nice coins every day. It is quite a lot of fun for people to trade in these coins, purchase them and hold them for as long as they like. This is quite important for the investor who wants something less complex.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

How Equities First Has Continued to Cover the Gap of Global Economic Crisis

Following the world monetary crisis, the US federal government formed a policy that regulated lending. Most of the loans were also put together into new financial apparatuses referred as mortgage-backed securities, which were ostensibly sold as low-risk securities, partly after being supported by credit default swaps insurances. Mortgage lenders allowed such mortgages and related risks without adopting loose underwriting criteria as encouraged by regulators- while there was a progression aggressive lending exercises. The subsequent high default and accumulation rates of the mortgages caused the financial crisis and the consequential damage to the global economy. Various sectors have since been affected, and startups that seek working capital have not been left behind to learn more: click here.

Small investors are finding it challenging to secure banks loans, and those not coping with traditional lenders are getting it easy to get help from alternative lenders. Equities First is one such company that is based in Indianapolis- a leader and lender furnishing borrowers with stock loans at a small interest rate. Unlike credit-based loans, advances using stock as collateral have become popular due to their various benefits alluring features.

Traditional lenders have tightened their rules with a reason. In line with the crisis, high mortgage rates caused a big pool of home buyers, which led to higher housing costs. The value appreciation led huge numbers of homeowners, some subprime to get loans against their homes (being a perceptible premium).

Later, the great delinquency rates caused a fast devaluation of financial tools (mortgage-backed securities), in addition to bundled derivatives, portfolios and credit default swaps. As the value of these assets flapped, market buyers who dealt with used securities escaped. Most of the banks had invested heavily in these assets and started experiencing liquidity crisis. Despite the trillions paid by the US Federal government, it was still much challenging to borrow money from affected institutions. To date, the situation has not changed much as borrowers are still facing a hard time. Hence, Equities First has witnessed an increase of traction for potential investors who seek for stock loans, which come with a broad range of benefits.

Blue Bottle Chain Expanding Into new Markets

Coffee continues to be one of America’s favorite beverages. A hot cup of joe can be just the thing to wake up to early in the morning. Given this popularity, it’s hardly surprising that java retailers everywhere are finding happy new markets for their products. One chain in particular has been seeing vast growth in recent years. Blue Bottle is one of San Francisco’s most adored coffee shops. They offer specially prepared coffee varieties that are lovingly handmade from beans across the world. With their help, customers can discover an entire new world that is all about enjoying this beverage. Native San Franciscans have been coming here for a quick stop of iced coffee on a hot day or a delicious mug of steaming coffee when it gets cold outside.


New Potential Markets


With their devotion to quality beans, it’s no wonder that the chain has become quite popular and rapidly carved out a niche in the San Francisco area. In an effort to bring their product to other places, those at Blue Bottle have been busy. Their aim is to expand into new markets in other parts of the United States. They have opened a sixteen million dollar brewery in Brooklyn, one of the hottest culinary markets in the world right now. New Yorkers are known for their love of coffee and their appreciation of the finer things in life so it’s no surprise this is where those at Blue Bottle hope to expand even more.


Several New Locations


Coffee lovers across the country can now look forward to the opportunity to sample the Blue Bottle experience. The company plans to open shops in the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan as well as in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Another market that will see a Blue Bottle location is Boston as well as the nation’s capital and Miami. This will bring the number of Blue Bottle locations to more than three dozen across the U.S.

Tony Bourdain Thinks Americans Are About To Love Filipino Food

Anthony Bourdain burst onto the culinary scene in the United States over a decade ago. His first book, Kitchen Confidential, was all about his life as a cook in some of the best restaurants in the country. Since then, Bourdain has become a culinary icon for many. People know him from his many numerous appearances on television where his wry humor adds a sense of fun to any show. They also know him from his travel shows. Here, he takes viewers all over to world to regions they might not have heard about before. As a food expert and graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, he has his hands on the pulse of the world food scene. With millions of followers, he can provide insights that are often startling and yet quite accurate about what Americans are thinking about when it comes to what’s on their plate.


The Next Big Thing


In his opinion, the next big thing in food for Americans is Filipino food. The Philippines are a series of islands in Asia. Here, culinary influences include Spanish, French, indigenous cuisines and American immigration. The net result is a wide mixture of flavors that are a hallmark of the dishes of this area. Bourdain believes that Americans are ready for this cuisine right now. In his opinion, the American thought about flavor profiles have shifted in the past. While many Americans still love food with a lot of sweetness to it, they are also open to other possibilities such as foods with more of a sour overtone. As he points out, many Filipino dishes rely on sour elements to create food that is complex and interesting


Many Restaurants on the Scene


Bourdain has looked closely at the eating scene in American. He knows what Americans like because he’s constantly on the road traveling to new places. He thinks Filipino food will become trendy as evinced by the opening of several recent Filipino restaurants.


How To Protect Against Food Fraud

Many Americans try to be cautious about what they eat. However, their efforts are often in vain because the food manufacturers engage in deceptive marketing practices. It is estimated that the food industry loses $10 to $15 billion per year because of food substitutions and fake labeling. It is estimated that food fraud is a problem that affects 10 percent of all food products that are commercially-sold.


Food fraud is defined as intentionally adding or misrepresenting food and its ingredients. Making false statements about food is also considered fraud. Food companies engage in deceptive marketing practices so that they can make more money.


There are a number of ways that food companies can engage in deceptive practices. For example, they can use a low-value product and market it as a high-quality product. They may also add unsafe ingredients to the food and still label the product as organic and non-GMO. Additionally, food companies may claim that their product has many health benefits, and this is false.


The good news is that most cases of food fraud do not let to health issues. People usually just get ripped off. However, there are ways that food fraud can be harmful. For example, a product’s label says that it does not have any nuts, but it does. This can create problems for people who have food allergies.


There are some things that you can do to avoid food fraud. You can tell that a product is fake by paying attention to the flavor and consistency of it. You also want to make sure that you buy products from reputable places. Furthermore, if you think that something is wrong, then you have the right to report it to the brand owner and retailer.


Eating More Fruits And Vegetables Can Improve Your Health

It is estimated that 10 percent of people get the recommended 4.5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. However, the American Heart Association encourages people to strive to meet this recommendation. Fruits and vegetables can drastically improve one’s health.


The American Heart Association has started a Healthy for Good Campaign. Annessa Chumbley is the spokesperson for the American Heart Association. She has stated that the purpose of this organization is to encourage people to make small steps today in order to start improving their health. This campaign will also teach people how to make better versions of their favorite meals.


Only 1 percent of people in America are in ideal cardiovascular health based on the American Heart Association’s standards. Poor diet is one of the factors that contributes to poor heart health. Poor diet can also contribute to premature death. Additionally, 66 percent of Americans are overweight, which is another health risk.


Dietary habits can contribute to high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of developing these conditions. The American Heart Association recommends that people get 2.5 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruits. The average person only consumes 1 to 1.5 servings of each per day. It is estimated that 30,000 lives could be saved if people would get 1 to 1.5 additional servings per day.


Regardless of how old you are, it is never too late to start your health journey. Not only will people be taught how to make healthy choices during the Healthy for Good Campaign, but they will also be shown how they can make creative and healthy snacks.


Hawaiian Adventure In The Back Yard

The summer season is often best spent outside with family and friends. If you want to throw a party instead of having a typical cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs, then consider a luau. The first thing that you want to do is to set the scene for the event. Wicker furniture with pillows in bright colors and tropical flowers in light green vases or hollowed pineapples work well for the event.


When you begin planning the menu, you want to think about eating with ease. Any kind of kabob is an idea that you might want to consider. Going with the luau theme, consider chicken with peanut sauce over a bed of cabbage or lettuce. Grilled shrimp kabobs are also an idea, adding chunks of pineapple or watermelon as well. If you want to offer hamburgers, then make sliders as they are easier to prepare and can be customized a bit easier than larger sandwiches. Make a buffet of items that guests can enjoy, such as Hawaiian rolls, slices of yellow onions, tomatoes slices of cucumber. An idea would be to make the sliders with pork instead of beef to blend with the luau theme.


Bamboo plates with utensils that are made of bamboo make for a lovely table setting. You can often find these items at a party supply store. They are usually disposable as well, making the cleanup of the luau a cinch. Large bamboo leaves or other tropical leaves would create a beautiful setting on the table with tropical flowers as centerpieces. Before guests enjoy the luau, set up a beverage station with fruit punch or a few alcoholic drinks made with rum.


Matthew Autterson: An Independent Management Expert

Inpedendent investment management is the professional management of an investor’s asset and can encompass various securities like shares and bonds, as well as assets like real estate, which aims to meet the specified financial goal of each client. This type of structure benefits the investors, and among the top investment management firms in the world are BlackRock, The Vanguard Group, UBS, State Street Global Advisors, Fidelity Investments, Allianz, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, BNY Mellon Investment Management, PIMCO and Credit Agricole Group, headquartered in the United States, Switzerland, Germany and France, respectively. They have over $1 trillion in assets under management, which made them one of the most successful firm in the field of investment management.

Mark Autterson is currently the principal wealth advisor for WIN Wealth Management. He is helping his clients with aligning their investment strategies with their financial goals which tend to be the most important. He assists clients in finding the right risk profile for their portfolios as a part of a continuous collaborative procedure, and then providing them with a number of consultations that is designed to ensure that their clients will stay as disciplined as possible especially during the market’s inevitable ups and downs. Mark Autterson is also responsible for educating the clients about their issues with tax and estate planning, as well as giving their clients the insights as to how important it is to get a life insurance, as he is also a licensed life insurance agent himself.

Mark Autterson has over 20 years of experience in the field of investment, financial services and accounting industries. He graduated from the Buena Vista University, where he got his degree in Accounting with a minor in Finance. He served as the vice president of a $750 million investment firm in Minnesota, and also worked as a registered representative under the Royal Alliance and the American Express. He also worked at the North Iowa Area Community College as a financial management professor, at the same time being a CPA practitioner. Later on, Mark Autterson would become a co-founder of WIN Wealth Management, where he is currently working at, helping clients resolve their issues with financial management.

Getting Festive With Food

Showcase your patriotism with a few red, white and blue recipes that are easy and fun to make. You can take a dish to a cookout for the 4th of July or prepare a meal or two for your family to enjoy at home. If you want to prepare something with sustenance, then consider a salad with roasted red peppers, purple potatoes, small pieces of mozzarella and small gold potatoes. It will look like a firework of flavor on the plate.


When you make desserts for the fall and winter seasons, you might make a cake roll. Most rolls are made with pumpkin or chocolate. You can change the dynamics by making a vanilla cake, separating the batter so that you can make one red cake and one that is blue. Roll the two together, coating with white icing, so that the cake resembles a flag when it’s cut. Get the day started healthy with a fruit smoothie in patriotic layers. Freeze the fruit juice before making the smoothie so that it will hold its form better in the glass. Blueberries, strawberries, and cream work best when making the drink. Another way to start the morning with a delicious meal is to make French toast with blueberries and strawberries on top. You could also make a French toast casserole with layers of fruits.


Make a red, white and blue salad for a refreshing side dish using diced watermelon and blueberries. This is a delightful dish for a picnic or if you need to serve a large number of people. Top the salad with slivers of lime and toasted coconut. Ginger can add a spark to the salad, combining well with the fireworks for the 4th of July.