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Get Up And Go Sandwiches Remain Favorite Meal For Most In 2017

Let’s be frank here; busy Americans really want to eat healthier every time a new year swings around. We might not have tons of time to chow down, especially for breakfast and lunch.


That’s why the humble sandwich remains the delicious, quick and easy meal to make within five minutes or less. It can get fancy or stay truly basic; whatever you desire, the sandwich is the original portable meal and perfect for 2017.


Trendy restaurants like Egg Slut in Los Angeles have patrons waiting in long lines, just to buy the favorite gourmet Bacon Egg and Cheese Sandwich.


This ain’t your mama’s fried egg sandwich, boys and girls. The ingredients are sensual-sounding and make for the ultimate sexy egg sandwich.


Consider Egg Slut’s hardwood smoked bacon over medium egg, cheddar cheese and chipotle ketchup in a warm brioche bun.


Of course, you could make your own version of Egg Slut’s Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich. It’s quick, simple to make and a filling, healthy meal.


Here’s our spin on the classic sandwich:


2 slices smoked bacon

1 egg

2 slices bread

2 slices cheese





As bacon is frying on medium low, crack egg and slowly pour onto middle of bacon, as close to center as possible. Crack fresh pepper on top. Continue cooking until bacon becomes crisp and egg white opaque. When done, remove to plate.


Spread ketchup and chipotle on to one slice of bread and add cheese slices on top. Cover with remaining slice and spread butter on both sides. Begin grilling sandwich in pan in bacon fat at same medium low heat. Grill both sides until golden brown. Then remove, and carefully open sandwich, so you can place bacon and fried egg onto bread. Cover sandwich and slice in half.




The Kabbalah Center Inspires Spiritual Growth and Positive Change among its Followers

The Kabbalah Center is an international nonprofit entity whose mission is to help people understand the principles of Kabbalah and apply them in their everyday life. The Center manages a team of proficient teachers equipped with expertise and unparalleled experience to deliver Kabbalistic spiritual tools to students who then apply them to their day-to-day lives. It aims at making the world better by changing the way people view life. Rav Yehuda Ashlag is the founding father of Kabbalah Center. He inaugurated the first center to spread kabbalistic teachings back in 1922. Since then, several centers have been launched in various cities in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

Kabbalah Center has also strengthened its online presence by creating an online platform through which students can interact with teachers and their colleagues. It also avails reading materials on various online platforms – some reading material can be obtained free of charge and others at a cost.

Popularizing Kabbalah

The meaning of Kabbalah has kept changing as each century passes. People understand Kabbalah in their unique way. The Kabbalah Center specializes in supporting the various meanings of Kabbalah globally. It teaches this ancient knowledge as a universal wisdom, which came before religion and even the Bible. Therefore, everyone can study it without compromising his or her religion or beliefs in any way. Capitalizing on wisdom from great Kabbalists to have ever graced the planet, the Kabbalah Center offers a program that expounds the origin of creation, the physical laws of universe, spiritual principles, existence of human beings, as well as the journey of the human soul.


The Kabbalah Center aims at improving the lives of students by equipping them with Kabbalistic teachings and strategies for implementing them in their lives. Its objective is to reach more people and expand both its physical and online presence.

Brightening The Plumbing Business: The Sunny Plumber

When Kenneth D. Goodrich first acquired his soon-to-be booming plumbing company in 2013, he was already an innovator. A longtime veteran of the HVAC and plumbing business, Kenneth knew the reluctance and fear with which homeowners met the idea of inviting a contractor into their house, and wished to reinvent the image of contractors everywhere. With this in mind, he chose a friendly new name for his plumbing business: The Sunny Plumber.

Since 2013, The Sunny Plumber’s reach has expanded from Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. to serve multiple cities across the states of Arizona, Nevada, and California. In all their business dealings, whether it’s a quick fix for a mysteriously clogged toilet or spending a full day finding the source of a bathtub leak, it’s evident from reviews on Yelp and Better Business Bureau that The Sunny Plumber technicians uphold Kenneth D. Goodrich’s original vision of cheerful, quality service. Prompt and consistently courteous, employees of The Sunny Plumber are ready to handle emergencies at any hour of the day or night with a 100% unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

The Sunny Plumber has also proved a force for good in its community, participating in multiple donation drives. From their $100,000 donation to the Foundation for Senior Living in Phoenix, AZ. to a recent hiring initiative that will result in more jobs for military veterans, The Sunny Plumber is fast developing a reputation for going above and beyond the call of duty that is in keeping with the spirit of invention and goodwill that first sparked the company’s growth.

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Become a Wine Guide for Traveling Vineyard

Are you looking for a fulfilling, income-producing, and fun job that you can do mostly from home with a tremendous amount of support, training, sales tools, and encouragement?

The Ideal Wine Guide

It can be anyone of any age, stay-at-home parents, retirees, weekend moonlighters, or people looking for career alternatives.

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Host a Free Wine Tasting Party

You arrange for the parties. You help the hosts prepare and then walk the guests through a simple appreciation of great wines. You then log their orders at World HQ, and HQ takes care of the rest.

For more wine tasting ideas, visit The Traveling Vineyard’s Instagram page.

Income and Schedule

You decide how much you want to earn, whether it is to help the family budget part-time or be ambitious and work up to a full-time income. You make the decision as to when, how often, and where you work. You fit your tastings around your commitments, perhaps the demands of another job, and your family needs.


World HQ and your local leader/mentor will be there to answer questions and help you at every step of your journey. There is no wine expertise needed. The Traveling Vineyard online training center gives instant and ongoing access to training modules, videos on how to conduct a tasting, instructions on how to grow the business, how to build a team, and more.

Success Kit

This is shipped to you and holds everything needed: a start-up guide, two Tasting Sets of five bottles each which is enough for two events, tasting glasses, a carrying box, a six-bottle wine carrier, flyers, brochures, order forms, wine accessories, and their unique Sommology Kit that is a training program and a cheat sheet.

You do have to periodically restock your Tasting Sets and order forms, but that’s all.

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Minimal Monthly Fee

Hosting your own Wine Guide website at $15.95 per month is the only required monthly charge. Traveling Vineyard is so sure you’ll love this job that they’ll pay for the first three months!

Annual Harvest Conference

Enjoy wine tasting, dancing, and costume competitions but also learn in training sessions that help you advance your business. Regional meetings also provide hands-on training and a way to connect with your peers.

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Jose Borghi Describes How People Have Achieved Success On Youtube

Jose Borghi is one of the co-founders of Brazilian advertising agency BorhiRay. He is now a CEO at Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe which bought out BorghiRay later known as Borghi Lowe. Mr. Borghi highlights some of the things that have helped people achieve success on YouTube and how it can impact advertisements.Jose Borghi says that most of the top influential people on YouTube today are young people who create content specifically designed for sharing on YouTube. These digital influencers as Jose Borghi calls them have a massive and loyal audience. They include followers of their YouTube channel who also share and spread the influencer’s videos with other people and on other mediums.

Mr. Borghi says that the fact that these online personalities on YouTube have caught the attention of big companies is a testament to their audience and ability to influence other people. Jose Borghi believes that these producers of YouTube content can be a great way to reach a target audience with advertisements that a company wants to release. Organizations such as the New York Times have even acquired companies that create YouTube content to better understand the influence that YouTube can have and to expand the organization’s reach on channels such as YouTube.

Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe believes that YouTube content producers and personalities should work together and link up. It will not be a bad thing, but a good thing instead. When the two work together, both will benefit he believes.So what is the recipe for success on YouTube and to be able to make a living off of one’s content? Leon Martin, the producer of the Thing of Nerd YouTube Channel states that it helps to create content about subjects that you are very passionate and interested in. No doubts states, Jose Borghi, if you create content that you enjoy, then you will much that much more likely to be successful.

Christian Figueiredo of I Fiko Loko YouTube channel states that on his channel he is free to be himself. He is authentic and true to his audience. There are no masks or prewritten scripts to follow like on a show. The authenticity, the true character of himself and his enthusiasm attracts and keeps an audience. Jose Borghi comments on this with the following. Being honest and sincere will always have a great impact on people as evidenced by Christian Figueiredo and his YouTube channel.


InnovaCare Health Introduces Rick Shinto for Better Medical Plans

Across the world, health care remains one of the fields that have received undivided attention from private and public sectors. This is because of the vast changes that occurred in a bid to provide quality health services and fight diseases. Health care companies have strategized ways to improve the healthcare system on Crunchbase. InnovaCare is one of the facilities.InnovaCare Inc is a top notch medical service provider for Medicaid and Medicare Medical Coverage also known as Advantage Plans. It offers healthcare related health care services within Puerto Rico. To improve their services, InnovaCare added three well experienced medical practitioners to the team. The new team was a reflection of the high level of expertise and experience the medical facility seeks to absorb to the team.

Chief Administrative Officer

Penelope Kokkinides took the position of Chief Administrative Officer. With her over two years experience in medical health, she specialized in the public sector programs of Medicare and Medicaid on Penelope Kokkinides was in charge of the care industry. Prior to that, she specialized in generating clinical programs in addition to managing health care activities, operations and services. Penelope capitalized on improving efficiencies in addition to organizational infrastructure on LinkedIn. Not only does she have experience in the medical field but also, she served as a leader in various organizations. She was the Chief Operating Officer at Centrelight HealthCare. She was also the Executive Vice President of the same facility before securing the Chief Administrative Officer position at InnovaCare. At Centrelight, Penelope controlled all the activities while offering strategic direction to the care department.

Rick Shinto

The second person to join the InnovaCare team is Rick Shinto. He acceded to the company after working for several others including Aveta where he served as the head cheerleader and President. That was between 2008 and 2012. Rick Shinto has a twenty years experience in the medical industry hence Innova’s excitement to have poached him. He moved to InnovaCare as the Chief Executive Officer. Since he was also a Chief Executive Officer at Aveta, he was well versed with the roles and was prepared to offer InnovaCare the best medical plan services. Rick Shinto initially worked for NAMM California where he was the Chief Medical Officer. Rick Shinto is the author of journal and books on clinical healthcare in the country.

About InnovaCare

Physically located in North America, InnovaCare prides itself in being the top service provider for health care management on Via two core units of medical care, InnovaCare offers Medicare as well as Medicaid Advantage Plans. They are committed to offering quality health care by developing affordable models linked to advanced technologies.

Successful Online Marketing with White Shark Media

From business to entrepreneurship, there is always a new idea or brand developing in the market. That is why there is competition in the marketing world. Although companies and brands penetrate the market from time to time, running them can be challenging as it demands so much. From the time owners and founders have to invest in the capital, marketing is hectic. That is why White Shark Media comes into the picture as the reliever of all stresses. White Shark Media is the world’s best Digital Marketing Agency that offers online marketing solutions created for small to medium enterprises.



Client Review and Growth



White Shark Media has been acknowledged for being one of the world’s fastest developing digital agencies across North America. The company derives its growth and positivity from their reputation through conducting cost effective and economic campaigns geared towards offering excellent customer experience. In the past, it was a small agency assisting small businesses in America to grow through employing their online marketing strategies. The company has managed to retain their first client from three years ago with over 150 employees across three countries. The massive growth of the firm is linked to its partnership with Google when their team was tasked with leveraging duties. White Shark has a very attentive and organized team. They are timely and up to date with deadlines. The team is proactive with generating new business ideas.



Mission and Objectives



White Shark Media commits to its client’s success. That is why the team is innovative and cost efficient while offering marketing solutions encompassing transparency. They are dedicated to providing excellent services to clients to achieve enormous growth in the ever developing online marketing platform. The firm focuses on doubling its size in future through successful partnerships and campaigns. White Shark Media has redoubled its effort to improve client support. The team has revamped the marketing services to provide accurate and general marketing results. They offer detailed reports through Google Adwords Campaigns for clients to understand the strategies behind the increase in consumer platforms.






White Shark Media is a management agency with affiliates in Miami, Nicaragua, Scandinavia, Atlanta and Central America. The company focuses on offering transparent managerial services to all small businesses that need online advertising through Google AdWords or Bing Ads. With the belief in win –win situations, White Shark Media believes that customer is king hence no contracts or cancellation fees.


Lip Balms: The Effortless Way to Enhance and Protect Your Lips

People use lip balms to heal dry and chapped lips and to moisturize those lips. Lip balms provide a protective layer and make your lips look supple and smooth. Lip balms shield your lips from elements in your environment, such as humidity, the wind, and the sun’s damaging rays.

There are a variety of ingredients used in lip balm products, including waxes (such as beeswax), oils, and sunscreens. When looking for the right lip balm to use, you need to pay attention to the ingredients used, while considering the condition of your lips and any allergies that you may have. The most beneficial lip balms use only natural ingredients.

One company that sells lip balms is Evolution of Smooth. EOS lip balms are made with shea butter, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. The shea butter and jojoba oil locks in and restores moisture on the lips. The jojoba oil also helps heal dry and chapped lips. By moisturizing and relieving your lips with the lip balms made by Evolution of Smooth, you’ll have lips that look full and luscious.

The lip balms by Evolution of Smooth use only these natural ingredients. There are no chemicals. All of their lip balm products are dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic. These lip balms are perfect for people who want beautiful lips that look plump, silky and soft. Plus, these lips balms come in various flavors, such as passion fruit and blueberry acai.

Wearing lip balms to protect and moisturize your lips is essential regardless of your environment. By choosing the right type of lip balm, such as those made by Evolution of Smooth, you can not only protect your lips but have lips that appear plump and youthful.

For more information, visit the ( website and Facebook page.

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The Case Against Sugar – Why Americans Need to Reduce Their Intake

Gary Faubes has a concept that is not necessarily new, but has been unproven up until recently. Mr. Faubes wrote a book called, “The Case Against Sugar” in the 70s, but it was downplayed in the public’s eye with the information about the dangers of saturated fat and the soaring rates of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.


Today, saturated fat has been found not to contribute as severely to these diseases and others as they originally thought. This decision in the medical community is causing Gary Faubes’s book and hypothesis to resurface, but you are not going to be too happy about it.


This development of theories has allowed the forces behind avoiding sugar to multiply and bring about the hypothesis that everyone knows deep down inside has to be true – that sugar is not valuable or even tolerable for any living creature.


Since the overrating of dietary fat in the 70s, there have been skyrocketing rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, gout, cancer, stroke, hypertension, and dementia. Mr. Faubes attributes all of these to the massive consumption of sugar that Americans consume on a daily basis, and he gives details in his book.


There is No Definitive Answer Now


In the early 1900s, the experts identified sugar as fattening with empty calories, and for decades, the modern Western diet and lifestyle, which is high in fat and sugar, were known as leaders in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Cancer and hypertension also support the negative results of high sugar; obesity is a common denominator.


There is no definitive answer to the issue of sugar in the American diet only because it can’t be proven. Humans and scientists are notoriously inefficient and ineffective in time-lapse studies, so the results aren’t proven yet.


The best tip to offer to the American public is, don’t eat sugar! Or at least reduce the amount of white sugar in your diet. Scientific research has not yet proven it specifically, but all the evidence points to sugar as being the major culprit in all the major diseases. Sugar is a subtle foe, but one that requires direct attention.


Bringing Hope to Imprisoned Offenders Can Transform Society

It’s a major source of despair in our society – more than 2.2 million people are in federal prison or locked up in county jails. While some may feel it’s a good thing that “bad people” are off our streets, there is a long-term downside.

The prison environment tends of be brutal and dangerous. Worse, it can be a place where people who have made mistakes learn to be even more antisocial. A stint in prison can be a training ground that creates hardened criminals – who tend to offend again after release.

The Kabbalah Centre recognizes this problem, and is actively seeking a solution. The idea is to not only stop “ordinary” offenders from becoming more dangerous criminals, but to bring a source of hope and light to troubled lives.

To this end, the Kabbalah Centre established the Correctional Outreach Initiative (COI), a program determined to go inside prisons and bring powerful, positive life-skills to inmates.

If there is one thing an incarcerated individual needs, it’s transformative experiences. They need to know someone cares. They are hungry for help, encouragement and solid, practical resources they can grab onto to make better lives – they need direction to turn their lives around, no matter how far down they have fallen.

Kabbalah Centre volunteers are currently working inside prisons in the U.S. and other countries, such as Mexico and Panama, to teach life skills, methods of overcoming psychological and spiritual anguish, including the practical skills of moving forward.

The Kabbalah Centre also provides printed resources – more than 600 books have been shipped to 200 inmates in the past six month alone.

Helping people offenders break the cycle of violence and despair benefits all society, and makes our world a happier and safer place. That’s what Kabbalah is all about.