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Maggie Gill: Representing Healthcare’s Future

As President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health Medical Center (MHMC), a large non-profit hospital in Savannah, Georgia, Maggie Gill’s responsibilities include governing the senior staff, corporate communications, facilities management, physician and government relations and overseeing trauma services, orthopedic programs and the Heart and Vascular Institute. Maggie Gill’s education, which includes a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, an MBA from Saint Leo University and courses at the prestigious Wharton School, and experience make her the ideal person to lead MHMC, which is vital to the region as the hospital serves 35 counties.

Facing the difficult task of heading a safety net hospital operating the region’s only children’s hospital and only Level 1 Trauma Center, which receives no local funding, Gill unveiled an initiate, Pathways to Excellence, to save the hospital money. With Maggie Gill’s experience as the CFO of Tenet South Florida Health system and VP of Finance at MHMC, she will help insure the hospital’s financial health during these challenging times. In 2011, after MHMC went through three CEOs in four years, the hospital’s board unanimously voted, affirming their support of Gill, knowing that she had the right mix of executive and financial savvy to lead Memorial Health Medical Center.

The March 2016 edition of South Magazine called Maggie Gill “the Face of Healthcare” for her focus on preventative health and wellness programs. Gill instituted the Gulfstream Children’s Wellness Program and Center to teach kids healthy habits early on, as well as making the hospital a key component of Safe Kids Savannah, which focuses on programs such as bike safety and water safety.

At the recent Georgia Medical Society’s 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards, the Memorial Health team earned seven awards, including one for health care innovation, one for health care education, two community outreach awards and two physicians won lifetime achievement awards.

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Fabletics Expanding its Services

Fabletics is a fashion brand that has transformed the lives of many people in the world. The brand has been around for several years, and it has been received well in the market. Fabletics has been an online brand for the longest time, and it operates as a subscription-based clothing store. However, this year, the company has taken a different stand. A recent report from the institution indicates that Fabletics will be expanding its presence offline, opening more than one hundred stores in the next five years. The fashion brand has seven stores already.

Expanding the fashion brand offline will have several benefits for the consumers and the institution too. According to the two founders of the organization, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg, more customers in the country will have access to athletic clothes. The institution has partnered with Kate Hudson, a popular model to help spread the world about sporting clothes. The organization is looking forward to expanding to other parts of the globe and reach new clients who have not yet heard about it.

All of the products from Fabletics are sports based. There are shirts, pants, warm-up clothing and anything that is required for gym activities. These clothes are designed by experts who want to help individuals in the world live a healthy life. It is easy to stay in shape when wearing these fashionable clothes.

Individuals who choose Fabletics brand enjoy several benefits. First of all, the fabric wears very close to the body during the workout sessions, and this means that it doesn’t move or shift when the body makes movements on Facebook. To keep the clothes fresh free from sweat and other body odors, the customer has to wash them after wearing them once. This means that the individual needs several pairs of the fashion clothes because it is impossible to do laundry every day. With the new plans from the company, customers will now be able to acquire several pairs of the popular brand.

Individuals who need extra clothes from Fabletics can subscribe online or through the offline stores that are in different parts of the country. Every month, the members of the company will get new clothes at a reasonable price. This will be a great way to save money and at the same time get good clothes to keep fit. It can be very expensive to acquire good sporting clothes at once, and Fabletics will be making the dreams of many people come true. When the subscriber feels that they have bought enough clothes, then they can opt out of the monthly service without any restrictions.

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The Midas Legacy Aids in Self-Actualization

Only a few firms are concerned about the deeper aspects of life willingly. The Midas Legacy is one of the companies dedicated to carrying out these tasks. They concentrate more on the causes of hindrances to financial freedom. One of the things that they assist in is discipline because most people are quite undisciplined when it comes to spending. These people end up struggling to meet their daily needs on top of the struggle to attain financial freedom. The Midas Legacy has experts experienced in several fields of life. Through this team of experts, they are gladly willing to assist people to retrace their financial freedom.

Through their Twitter handle, The Midas Legacy is helping many people to tackle different deeper issues in their life that are barring them from achieving financial independence. For instance, they may have jobs that pay little for them to pay their bills adequately. These bills accumulate with time making it harder for them. In such cases, a better perspective of addressing the issue need to be established.

The Midas Legacy is dedicating its resources including time, money and workforce to help tackle such employment situations. Among the ways they use on the situation, include helping the victims on how to fill out job applications and writing down their resumes. With this, it is possible for them to get better jobs that are paying more and thus be able to pay their bills without difficulties.

Also, The Midas Legacy assists these people to deal with their lifestyle so that they can consider first the things that are necessary for life. They may be required to cut on luxuries that are in their lives so as to give a financial room for the core needs that one must prioritize. This will help them reevaluate their priorities as Midas Legacy encourages them to pay for necessities first before going for the luxuries.
Apart from disciplining on spending habits, The Midas Legacy is also helping future entrepreneurs achieve their goals. The professionals in the firm provide ideas to their clients on how to increase their incomes. With more income, they will not only be able to pay their bills but also afford some fun treats.

About The Midas Legacy

The Midas Legacy is an advisory firm headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida to offer research services for those who want to succeed in life. Most of the services provided by them relate to helping people attain financial freedom. They provide resources to their clients that benefit in disciplines of the self, finance, entrepreneurship, real estate, retirement and natural health among others.

IAP Worldwide Services: The Most Trusted Global Disaster and Emergency Services Consultants

IAP is an international consultant service provider with a broad range of services and solutions to profit-making industries, the U.S. government, and international government agencies and organizations. IAP’s business headquarters is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The Company has operational offices offering services in over 120 countries.

IAP provide world-class program management; leveraging and integrating its capabilities to provide secure, modern, and reliable solutions to customers’ diverse challenges.IAP provides support for NGO’s, energy companies, and clients working in harsh and remote environments far from civilization comforts. Among the services offered includes building infrastructure and disaster relief.

Kaye Scholer, the former Deutsche Bank Trust Company, and the American administrative agent funds the restructuring of IAP World Services. IAP also provides global-scale skill management services, emergency support, technical assistance to the US military, governmental agencies, charitable groups, and many commercial enterprises.

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In November 2015 IAP Worldwide Services, acquired the Aviation and Logistics business situated in Oklahoma City, OK (A&L). A&L offers airplane repair management support, logistics, and mission services to the U.S. Department of Defense and other agencies. The acquisition is meant to increase the competence that IAP delivers to its clientele worldwide on Facebook, and hopes to double the size of IAP’s market. The acquired businesses shall integrate into a new division – Aviation & Engineering Services.

IAP Worldwide Services was awarded an indefinite delivery contract. The Global Contingency Support Contract amounting to $900 million was given by the Naval Services Engineering Command, Pearl Harbor and Pacific, Hawaii. IAP is renowned for supporting emergency-based contracts on Bloomberg with the Department of Defense units. It remains the preferred government service supplier for all Air Force plans from 1996. The services rendered by the Navy include the construction of new facilities in the natural calamities areas, humanitarian efforts, and current disaster services around the world.

They are proud to continue serving customers around the world who rely on their timely delivery of solutions to their difficult challenges. IAP Worldwide endeavors to support the U.S. Navy’s Global Contingency Services, to fulfill their clients’ most urgent needs.

IAP Worldwide Services also provided assistance and emergency electricity in solidarity with Hurricane Matthew victims for FEMA Regions IV and V. IAP organized numerous teams to the first camp bases along the East Coast, situated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and Orlando, Florida. The contract, granted in 2013 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, permits IAP to supply emergency electricity, public works requirements support, and engineering services during natural disaster incidents countrywide.


Fabletics: A company for the future

With the increase in technology, many stores have left the brick mortar scene and joined the uprise of the online revolution. That is with the exception of one athleisure clothing line which started online on and has branched out to the world of brick and mortar. You might ask yourself who would do that in this day and age. Well, continue reading to find out what company did just that.

Founded by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson, Fabletics launched their athleisure line of clothing on October 1, 2013. This line was initially set up as an online subscription service where members were offered personalized clothing choices based off their member profiles. It’s a subsidiary of Just Fab, another subscription line offering clothing, shoes and accessories.

This once internet based business opened the doors to their first brick and mortar retail stores in September and October 2015. These locations include malls owned by Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc, Bridgewater Commons in New Jersey and The Village at Topanga in Woodland Hills, to name a few. However, according to Forbes, Fabletics intends to open an additional 75-100 stores within the next 3-5 years.

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With the opening of brick and mortar locations comes the need for a diversified brand. Fabletics is changing their once Athletic clothing line for women into an all inclusive brand. You might ask what does the brand mean by all inclusive, so we’re gonna explain what this means for the company.

By becoming all inclusive, Fabletics is adding dresses and swimsuits to their of athleisure clothing, as well as a men’s sportswear line. The men’s line features Hudson’s brother and will appeal to the male population. However, adding these additions to their clothing line isn’t the only inclusions the company’s made.

Fabletics wouldn’t be all inclusive if they didn’t add additional clothing sizes to their brand, so they’re now offering a wider variety of clothing sizes. Kate Hudson said, ” People don’t look to make things for women who are a bit bigger.” So, Fabletics is reaching out to women of stature, making it more convenient to find clothing options.

A company that once started out as a subsidiary to another site, JustFab has outgrown the online nation. Fabletics joins the world of brick and mortar, bringing a diversified clothing line to world.


The Top Vintners Of Britain

Robertson wine started out as a small wine shop at Kensington High Street in London in 1991. The Founder and CEO is wine enthusiast Cliff Roberson. Their selection consists of very rare bottles to common budget wines. They currently offer free shipping for bulk orders over £100.

Highbury Vintners is on of the most recognized of UK Vintners. Specialize in high quality wines from around the world. You can buy wines from Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Australia, Barbados, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Spain and Portugal in their online wine shop. They have won many awards like the Timeout Love London Award, Decanter Wine Retailer Specialist for Spain & Portugal 2014, and Wines of Argentina Independent Retailer of the year 2010. They also have a selection of beers and spirits.

Cambridge Wine Merchants is one of the finest of UK Vintners. They have won awards as Wine Merchant of the Year 2012, Large Independent Merchant of the year UK, East of England Merchant of the year and Fortified Specialist Merchants of the Year UK. They have wines from multiple continents that are sold in their online shop. They also offer classes through the The Cambridge Wine Academy to tutor students interested in the wine and spirit trade.

Berry Bros. & Rudd is one of the oldest UK Vintners, having started trading in 1698. Not only is the company in Britain, but also Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. They hold Royal Warrants from The Queen and The Prince of Wales. They currently have shops at 3 St James’s Street in London and Basingstoke in Hampshire. They offer membership to their exclusive Wine Club from £60 to £150 a month. Members of their UK vintner club are allowed to their tasting events and they receive 12 bottles of wine every other month.

A&B Vintners is a well recognized brand in Britain’s wine trading market. They focus on importing wines from Burgundy, Rhône, Southern France, Oregon and Piedmont. Their approach is to work hands-on with their wine manufacturers to select the best products for their online wine catalog.


Providing Air Conditioning Services-Goettl

We cannot work or live in a place that the air is not conducive and regulating it ourselves might not be easy so involving an air conditioning company will be of a great benefit. It might very confusing and tiresome to go looking for an air conditioning services and products on your own. To ease the work Goettl Air Conditioning comes in handy.

Goettl was established in 1939 and since then it has been providing undying air conditioning services as well as products to its customers. The organization has been evolving since then and has made efforts to at per with the advancing technology to ensure their customers get quality services. Goettl Company was founded by Adam and Gust Goettl and since then the organization has been dedicated to offer exceptional services to its customers. The air conditioning organization distribute its services to Tucson area as well as the great Phoenix Metropolitan area.

To serve and distribute quality air conditioning services to its clients, Goettl has an experienced team of technicians who are highly trained to offer both commercial as well as residential air conditioning services that include installation, repair, replacement as well as maintenance of air conditioning equipment. Their team is always available 24/7 and deliver the services at their clients door step. Some of the services that Goettl provide include.

• Phoenix Cooling Services: the company offers a full package of cooling services including the installation of heat pumps and air conditioners, maintenance and replacement, as well as the installation and the creation of new conditioning equipment in homes and offices.

• Heating Services: their heating services include the installation, repair, maintenance as well as replacement of gas, electrical furnace, heat pump, duel fuel system, ductless heating system, and they make sure you home heating system is always running.

• Indoor Air services: Goettl offers cleaning and humidification home services including digital thermostat installation, air duct cleaning, as well the testing and incorporation of UV germicidal lights.

Recently Goettl celebrated 75th Anniversary and one of the companies Principles mentioned that they were glad to have serviced the people of Arizona for many years and they are also looking forward to more years of quality services. Since Ken Goodrich took over the leadership of the company it has been experiencing significant improvement. Goodrich has been making efforts to improve the services and products of the company in the future. The company has also been participating in community work including fixing air conditioning equipment to a senior woman who was at the risk due to a faulty air conditioning equipment.

Brian Bonar Personal Finance

Brian Bonar has had a great career in the personal finance industry. Over time, he has done a great job of developing his client base and making a positive impact on the lives of other people. If you want to take your finances to a new level, he is a great person to work with.

He knows what it takes to get to the next level, and he is ready to work with you on your goals. Over the long term, your personal finances are one of the most important parts of your life. A lot of people are worried about what is coming in the future, especially with all of the growth in the stock market. Some people are worried about a bubble forming that is going to pop one day.

Brian Bonar

According to PR Newswire, From the time he was in college, Brian Bonar has been interested in working in the field of finance. He knows what it takes to get ahead, and he has a passionate work ethic that never stops. There are a lot of people who are looking to him for advice in the future. If you want to start investing, he is a great person to go to. Not only can he help you get to the next level, but he can also help you attain your goals and dreams quickly.


When it comes to investing, a long term approach is essential. There are a lot of people who are looking to invest for their future, but few know how to get to that level. If you want to start investing more money, you need to have a plan in place to do so.

A lot of people are worried about the future when it comes to investing. However, Brian Bonar can help you develop a plan that will help you with your overall risk tolerance. Over time, this is a great plan for anyone who is wanting to invest for their future.

Final Thoughts

Brian Bonar has done a great job when it comest to helping people get to the next level. He is passionate about the subject of personal finance, and he has worked hard to build his business to where it is today. If you want to start investing for the future, he will help you get to that level.

A lot of people are excited about what the future holds for his business and their finances. If you are someone who wants to take things to a new level in your life, working with Brian Bonar is the way to go. He will develop a financial plan for your that makes sense over a long period of time.

Don Ressler and the Fast Growing Fabletics Brand

There is a huge likelihood that by 2020 we’ll all be going to work wearing hoodies and yoga pants. Athleisure is the new frenzy and apparel companies are quickly rushing to maximize on the trend before it ebbs. But no activewear company has taken the market by force like Don Ressler’s Fabletics.

Good eye for trends

Don Ressler has always had a good eye for spotting lifestyle trends and turning them into profitable brands. A fitness fad himself, Don Ressler always toyed with the idea of practically living with his workout clothes every day. He did the research, and sure enough, he discovered that a lot more people wouldn’t mind transitioning from the gym to their office table without having to hit the changing room. And from here, Fabletics was formed and has carved a decent niche for itself in the athleisure market.

More and more people are growing into the idea of keeping fit while pursuing their goals. Businesses are now embracing the idea of sweat working which basically means introducing fitness classes at the workplace. Big corporates now have ‘dress-down Friday’ where you basically wear what you want, and statistics show that more people want to be in comfortable less pricey sweat pants as opposed to a t-shirt and khakis.

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But every successful story doesn’t lack a struggle-filled past and Don Ressler has had his fair share of that. Two hurdles he has had to cross was funding the new venture Fabletics and clearing out the rumors that Fabletics was part of his other brand, JustFab. Nonetheless, as an ambitious and passionate business mogul, he had ready answers for both problems.

First off, Don Ressler comes from a long history of investing in the Silicon Valley. Don Ressler managed to raise over $300 million in Equity funding for JustFab, and it won’t be a surprise if he did the same for Fabletics. Secondly, JustFab only has Don Ressler and his co-CEO, Adam Goldenberg, as the main owners while Fabletics is a joint venture between Ressler and the fitness guru Kate Hudson. Ressler is the only common denominator in both companies, but JustFab and Fabletics are two totally different entities, though both companies compete in the same niche.

Fabletics recently launched a new line of active wear for men, F12. From Don Ressler’s own words, this will be a clothing line for the gentleman who switches from replying emails at the office to coaching his kids in a soccer game, and later on join friends for a drink. And yes he is in the same trendy F12 apparel all day.

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The Kabbalah Centre Looks to Bring a Fresh Understanding of the Universe to Its Students

The universe around us is largely hidden from our view, according to the teachings of the Kabbalah, an ancient form of Judaism that has recently returned to mainstream success because of its links to many celebrities. Kabbalah teachings explain that the reliance on the five best known senses have led to the majority of people looking ahead at just one percent of the world that surrounds us all; the teachings of Kabbalah state only through giving up our body and mind to a new way of thinking can we create a faith based belief system that allows us to see the 99 percent of the universe that remains hidden from view.


The majority of writings and teachings of the Kabbalah are based on the Zohar, a second century series of books that were written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai who was well known as a mystic and important figure in the early development of Kabbalah Centre; when the Zohar was published in the 13th century it led to a renewed interest in the teachings of Kabbalah that remain at a theoretical level. There have always been different ways of looking at Kabbalah teachers, including those who looked to achieve a transcendental state of consciousness that was not within the reach of most students.


In the 20th century, the launch of The Kabbalah Centre brought a new way of exploring the teachings of this form of Judaism that have continued to be important for many who feel they want a greater understanding of the universe around them. Kabbalah taught through The Kabbalah Centre creates an accessible version of these ancient teachings that can be based on many of the world’s best known religions without the need for an understanding of Hebrew or a deep understanding of Judaism.


The Kabbalah Centre brings a change in the way many people look at religious beliefs as the teachings explain all major religions come from the same point in universal wisdom. The aim of The Kabbalah Centre is not to convert a student to Judaism, but to bring them closer to understanding the universe in a way that relates to their own traditional religious belief system.