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Find Out The Many Ways Laidlaw Can Help You Build Your Financial Growth


Matthew Eitner and James Ahern are trying to take over the daily operations of Relmada. The federal court has issued a court order against Laidlaw and their chief executives, but they have failed to comply. Relmada deals with chronic pain through therapeutic methods. They are being accused of using misleading and false information to immelate the Relmada products and services. Relmada is currently suing for an undisclosed amount in court and has continued to push the court for a cease-and-desist order. Their proxy material threatens the image of their rival company Relmada.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Laidlaw and Company is a brokerage firm that gives financial advice and management. They invest in the stocks of small businesses by putting forth collateral and assets. If you’re interested in building a portfolio you can visit their website for more details. They have a professional business relationship with many businesses across the world. Their has been some negative effects on NASDAQ for Relmada. They have continued to see a downward spiral in their stocks on the market as a result of the actions of Laidlaw and their executives. Laidlaw has denied any wrongdoing and says that they will continue to promote their material and hold the best interests of their clients.

Laidlaw also has a training course that teaches their clients how to benefit from the fluctuations of an uncertain stock market. They provide thousands of jobs each year to people that are good for finding leads and other economic experience in finances. Laidlaw is the leading providers of risk management. By the stock market not being stable they want to show you how and when to invest minimizing your risk of losing money when you’re trying to build your wealth or invest in your retirement. Visit the Laidlaw website for more details on building your financial growth options.

Entrepreneurs Need to Move Bad Press

Running a business comes with a host of different responsibilities. Some days, those responsibilities entail dealing with customer service issues that requiring a smoothing over. Bad review and customer complaints are not devastating. They are a standard part of doing business and things can be done to deal with them. Unfortunately, when online haters engage in a venomous response towards businesses and their owners, it becomes easy to become sidetracked. published an exceptional article on how to avoid letting online haters get the best of honest business owners.

The advice presented in the article is sage. The basic points the author suggests are to make a commitment to customers, offer the customers something of value, always remind oneself of the positive reasons for being in business, never get into the mud with haters, and seek out support to deal with the impact on the search engines.

All of these steps are logical, orderly, and intelligent. Small business owners who follow the advice are sure to weather the storm of online hate. One oversight owners make, however, is not seeking out the necessary support to address any search engine disasters. A visit to could change all that.

Move Bad Press knows negative things published online means lost revenues. As the company’s website reveals, things have changed. The old days of bad press being forgotten about a week after a newspaper was thrown out in the trash are long gone. Things do have to be done in order to reduce the effects of anything horrific published online. Visit to learn more.

Foods To Keep In The Freezer

If you’re ever looking for a meal to prepare for the family, all you have to do is look in your freezer of you keep a few simple ingredients on hand.

You probably use butter in many of your dishes. If so, then consider keeping a large amount in the freezer. You can get a tub to keep in the refrigerator as well. The butter in the freezer can be divided into small sections before adding herbs to each section. When the butter is melted, you will have added flavors in your recipe.

Fruits are an item that you want to keep in the freezer because they are good for children to enjoy after school, and you can use them in various recipes. Add blueberries to pancakes or strawberries to a shortcake. There is an endless number of recipes that you can create using fresh fruits if you keep them stored in containers in the freezer. If you’re family enjoys eating sandwiches, then add a few loaves of bread in the freezer. It won’t go bad if it’s kept sealed and frozen until it’s used. This is an idea if you see bread on sale so that you can stock up on it to have for times when you simply don’t feel like fixing a large meal or if children want something light after school.

How to Save Overripe Produce

Summer is a time for lots of fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables. But what happens when you buy too much or simply can’t eat it fast enough? Food Network has some creative ideas on how to save your produce from going bad.

  • When tomatoes start to go wrinkly, slice them, sprinkle with salt, and bake on low heat until dry and crispy. Eat them alone or crumble over eggs or salads.
  • Save greens by turning them into pesto! Toss them into a food processor with olive oil, oily nuts, and a grated hard cheese for a pasta or fish topping.
  • Toss bendy root vegetables in olive oil, herbs, and spices, and roast for a delicious side dish.
  • Cook berries with sugar on the stove until they fall apart, then refrigerate for a sweet ice cream or waffle topping.
  • Save citrus by squeezing out the juice into ice cube trays and freeze. Use the cubes to add a citrus kick to chili or fruity beverages.
  • When bananas have gone super brown and spotty, make smoothies! Their intense flavor will mean not having to add extra sugar to the mix. You can even peel and freeze the bananas if you aren’t in a smoothie mood just yet.
  • Carrots, broccoli, celery, zucchini, and root vegetables go bad on the outside first, so trim away the bad bits and cook just the cores, which stay fresher longer.

Freezer Foods

When you prepare meals for the family, there are a few things that you always want to have in the freezer. These items will help you better plan your menus and can add a little extra to some of your dishes if you’re missing an important ingredient and can’t get to the store.

Pour chicken stock into a muffin tin to freeze small cubes before storing them in a plastic container of freezer bag. This ingredient is ideal for adding to soups and recipes with chicken instead of using a lot of butter or oil. Keep a supply of frozen shrimp on hand. It can be grilled, sauteed or prepared in many other ways, giving you a variety of meals for the week. It’s also an ingredient that you can add to pasta or a salad for a healthier and filling meal.

Bacon is a meat that you should keep in the freezer at all times. Not only is it a good meat to use for breakfast, but you can fry the bacon and use the grease in a number of recipes or wrap meats in the bacon for a smoky flavor. It’s best to divide a large pack of bacon into individual pieces so that they are easier to use when needed instead of thawing an entire pack and then putting it back in the freezer

Supermarkets Can Help Reduce Food Waste

North America has a huge problem with wasting food. It is estimated that forty percent of the food supply in the United States ends up in landfills, despite one in seven American families struggling to put regular meals on the table.

In 2010 alone, American supermarkets threw away 43 billion pounds of food, worth about $46.7 billion dollars according to the u.S. Department of Agriculture. This is why grocery stores are key to making a nationwide change in food waste practices. In fact, some bills have already been introduced in Congress that could reduce food waste, including one that would protect stores who donated food from lawsuits if recipients get sick and one that will establish a uniform food dating system that will make expiration dates clearer.

Some European countries have recently passed laws against food waste with great success. France and Italy both have laws requiring supermarkets to compost or donate food that is approaching its expiration date. The European Union has similar laws in the works, which will impact food waste in 28 countries.

Supermarkets and restaurants have proven before that they can band together to make major changes. Last year, a number of chain restaurants vowed to only use cage-free eggs and major grocers like Walmart have joined the movement too. If stores can change the farming industry, reducing food waste should be a breeze.

Get Your Ninja Dogs at Ikea Japan

The hot dog has been around in one for or another for centuries, but there haven’t been too many innovations when it comes to it presentation. However, that’s changing at Ikea stores in Japan, which is offering customers the chance to eat the “Ninja Dog,” in celebration of the company’s 10th year in the country.

Ikea, which is more famous for selling assembled furniture and other home-oriented items, already sells a hot dog that’s virtually the equivalent of a foot-long to its hungry patrons. However, the Ninja Dog has a very visible difference from the standard order. While the meat remains the same size, the hot dog and the bun have a black hue to them, while all condiments remain the same.

The process in helping both items reached that distinctive color involves the use of edible bamboo charcoal. Despite the unappealing look that it might have with some consumers, this type of charcoal actually is supposedly beneficial to a person’s health. That’s because of its alleged ability is able to kill toxins in the body.

While there’s no real scientific evidence that such a claim is true, the unique nature of the item and the alleged health properties have caught the attention of customers.

Japan isn’t the only Asian country to attempt this new innovation, with Korea also selling hot dogs with black buns. This particular product is reminiscent of the publicity that was created in 2014 when Burger King outlets in Japan began selling Whoppers with black buns.

New Ways For S’mores

One of the tasty treats that you might think about during the summer is the S’more. This is a sweet dessert that is often made with chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. However, there are a few variations of the dish that you can use to make the treat a different way every night of the week.

Using the traditional ingredients, you can blend everything together in a cast iron skillet. Layer the bottom of the skillet with the crackers, then place the chocolate and marshmallows on the top. Place the skillet in the oven until the marshmallows are lightly toasted.

Another option if you like a little spice is to make a cinnamon muffin, adding a marshmallow frosting and a drizzle of chocolate on the top. This method is a little easier to eat as you can hold the muffin while getting the gooey texture of the marshmallow. You can also add a drizzle of caramel or a sprinkle of cinnamon for a different kind of flavor.

Add a bit more chocolate to you S’more by making a pan of brownies with a layer of graham crackers on the bottom of the pan before pouring the batter. Right before the brownies are done, add a layer of marshmallows. Bake until there is a brown color on the top of the marshmallows. Cut into gooey squares to enjoy with a tall glass of milk.

The McGriddle is Now an Option All Day Long

Nine months after McDonald’s announced that they would start offering their breakfast menu throughout the day, the list of available items has expanded to add one item that hadn’t been included in that decree, the McGriddle. Company officials made the announcement on July 6.

First introduced in 2003, the McGriddle had become popular enough to challenge the the Egg McMuffin, which has been the company’s long-standing breakfast leader for decades. The items that primarily make it up include a combination of egg and fried bacon with American cheese, with the buns replaced by smaller maple-flavored griddle pancakes that show the company logo on each side. In some instances, sausage is used, while a few regional options include chicken or spam.

Prior to this decision, McDonald’s customers had the opportunity to purchase the McMuffin after 10:30 a.m., which has usually been made in one of two ways. Restaurants based in the southern United States used biscuits while other outlets used English muffins.

McDonald’s has enjoyed a 5.4 percent boost in same-store sales since making the original decision and in January, posted its largest quarterly sales since 2012. However, throughout the past nine months, continuous requests to also make the McGriddle available were finally listened to by the company’s top brass.

Some areas already had the option of purchasing McGriddles all day, beginning with 72 outlets in Oklahoma on February 1. Less than two months later, a plan to add 1,000 more locations to that list was announced by the company.

Farming in the City Becoming Big Business

The concept of vertical farming is slowly starting to grow across not only the United States but the world. The reason stems from the need to feed a population that continues to grow and also limit the travel involved in that food production. In addition to saving money, it also offers local residents food that’s much more fresh.

One of the issues against vertical farming has been the amount of water needed to make it a viable enterprise. However, Newark, New Jersey’s AeroFarms has been able to sidestep that problem due to a root misting system it set up. This aeroponic-designed solution helps use water that combines it with oxygen and nutrients within a closed loop.

The end result is a system that now is able to re-use water, allowing for a 95 percent reduction in the amount needed for regular farming purposes. In addition, the amount is 40 percent less than those used in hydroponic systems. Finally, perhaps the best part of this is that no pesticides are needed.

That’s because all of the growing is done indoors in a warehouse under LED lighting, which means no destructive insects come into contact with the food. The technology with regard to lighting also helps cut electricity costs, which benefits their bottom line.

The 70,000 square foot facility only opened this year. Yet plans are already underway to construct another facility in Newark that’s expected to produce an annual amount of leafy greens that amounts to 1,000 tons worth of food.