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White Shark Media Helping Businesses in Miami and the World

White Shark Media located on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami is offering the new digital advertising concept to it customers and they are saying that White Shark Media has helped them improve their business base and their relationship with WSM has increased sales. The company endeavors to create more business for subscriber companies and has a refreshing way of handling those customers who feel that they are either not being represented properly or that the business relationship has not been successful. In both these instances, the management of WSM has their agent contact each customer on a regular basis through telephone conferencing or individual communications.

White Shark Media sells a service and sometimes that service is hard for the subscriber to evaluate. Some customers of WSM may expect results too soon. Advertising of any sort is a cumulative endeavor. Results do not happen overnight, and patience is a virtue which may not be an attribute of many business owners. But White Shark Media has made sure that their subscribers are kept up to date and not just left out in the cold. Three Danish entrepreneurs began the business of WSM, which is a digital advertising agency whose goal is to help small businesses grow their customer base by the effective use of search marketing campaigns and other advertising and marketing tools.

The White Shark Media Complaints web page is designed to answer all the questions of any possible subscriber and to entice them to join the WSM network and become one of their many satisfied customers.

The web page of White Shark Media is fully interactive and an agent will assist the page viewer with any questions and will set up an appointment if that is desired.

The success of any business is dependent on a high level of customer satisfaction. Without happy customers, any business will be headed toward failure. Often it is only a matter of being polite and trying to assess the qualms of the customer or answer their questions more thoroughly. To disregard or disrespect any customer is to slam the door on future business. Every business has a reputation to protect and enhance. But a customer base that is not happy is a sign of future problems with the company. WSM has endeavored to keep in touch with their customer base and to answer thoroughly any questions posed by current or future customers.

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Diversity And The STEM Field

John Goullet is describe as an Information Technology(IT) magnate, who has made a way for many IT companies to be very successful. He began his quest as an IT consultant. Then in 1994 he transitioned to IT Staffing. So, with all his experience and knowledge he began Info Technologies. An answer to Fortune 500 companies. The company has flourished so much that it graced the pages of Inc. Magazine. This private company has been describe as one to watch because of the speed of it’s growth,taking the number eight spot. IT Staffing grew to be worth about $30 million.

Then in 2010 Goullet merged his company with Diversant. It is now known as Diversant LLC and is an African American Information Technology staffing company. He sits at the helm of this company with a title as Principal Executive. This company teams up the most qualified IT individuals for Fortune 500 companies and other companies with large yearly profits, for temporary or permanent positions. The experienced professional gets company benefits,good salary and job stability and, free training with lots of assistant to make a smoother transitions. The professionals also get to make the decision on where they want to work.

Diversant takes their employees very seriously and is really interested in their growth. They go above and beyond, moving beyond senior level position and job compensations. Once you get hired, one can be guaranteed job security. Diversant will work tireless for an individual who is looking for employment with the company. They will look for the best position that will help enhance the person’s profession. Teaming up with this company will definitely help ones career take off to a successful level. Diversant LLC, say with them collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, an IT person looking for a job will have great success.

John Goullet said that the company name Diversant reflects multiplicity in all forms. He believes it’s the only way to conduct business if one needs to be successful. He also states that a lot of their success can be attributed to their traditional touch. Diversant is a member of the Minority Business Enterprise(MBE).

Foreign Correspondent Becomes A Vagabond Artist

A former foreign correspondent for CNN becomes a struggling artist and traveling writer on purpose to gather life experiences. Doug Levitt grew up in the Washington, DC area and despite being raised by a mother deeply involved in the political scene as a councilwoman, Levitt had no interest in politics. Instead, venturing into journalism, before leaving his career for the recording industry and eventual free spirited traveler.

He documented his soul searching journey using various forms of social media along the way. But, the complexities and similarities of people’s struggling in the United States touched Levitt to such a great degree that he felt himself changing internally. Levitt began writing songs and recording his trip in detailed writings, which later would become a book and an album, entitled, ‘The Greyhound Diaries.’

The entire trek was done solely on Greyhound buses and ended up covering over 100, 000 miles, taking nearly ten years to complete. Levitt felt deeply introspective after completing his journeys. It was the profound impact of the fellow travelers that he encountered along the way, which he felt like needed sharing on a larger platform. So, Levitt channeled the entire epic journey into a continuum of musical recordings, a publicly performed show, and an online series.

‘The Greyhound Diaries’ chronicles Levitt’s travels from his home in Nashville to many places around the US. Once based in London while working for CNN, Levitt departed the news world and entered a whole new world as a recording artist, hooking up with well-known music producer, David Henry. It was his collaboration with Henry that lead to the finished ‘Greyhound Diaries’ project. When it was complete, there were an accompanying 10,000 images that he took along the way at various routes and stops across the United States.

Doug Levitt has performed, ‘The Greyhound Diaries‘ as a one man show at the Walter Reed Medical Center and the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and numerous homeless shelters around the nation. ‘Greyhound Diaries’ is available as a two volume, EP recording and a 100 page book, first edition published in 2008.

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Qnet Partners with RYTHM Foundation To Promote Positive Thoughts

QNET, one of the leaders in direct selling and e-commerce fields, has announced its partnership with the Positive Thoughts Project. This project is aimed at helping children with special learning needs, at the Rashid Centre. Qnet is inviting people to leave a positive comment on the Facebook post, indicating their support. QNET promises to donate a HomePure RED to Rashid Centre, the disabled at Rashid Centre, in the UAE, if they receive an additional 500 comments during the last two weeks. Qnet encourages people to be actively involved and post comments in support of these causes so that these special needs children can enjoy clean water.

As a reputable direct selling company with numerous distributors around the world, QNET provides a vast range of topnotch life enhancing products. Their products are promoted through the company’s well-trained and dedicated team of distributors, also known as independent sales representatives. Their sales representatives utilize their proprietary network marketing platform to reach and distribute their high quality, high demand products.

If you are looking to start a part time or full time business and earn a decent income through network or direct marketing opportunity, you need to check out Qnet right away. There are many companies in the network marketing industry but keep in mind that not all of these companies render the same level of services or the same top quality line of products offered by Qnet. Some companies have a proven track record and one of those companies is Qnet.

When it comes to joining a reputable and reliable company, consider Qnet – a top rated network marketing company. They offer products that consumers truly like, and that’s a very important consideration when choosing a network marketing opportunity.

Qnet has been in the industry for many years and has numerous satisfied customers who keep on buying their products because of the slew of benefits they derive. Their products are well researched and developed by top professionals in their respective fields.

When it comes to price, these products are priced reasonably and customers are delighted with the quality of the products. As a great company, Qnet offers an amazing opportunity for any ambitious person, no matter his or her background, to earn a decent income, working full time or part time, from the comfort of their own home. Check out their business opportunity and compensation plan, which are designed to help you achieve the success you desire.

Wen by Chaz Receives Rave Review

Wen cleansing conditioner received another rave review from a highly satisfied customer, who happens to be an editor for Bustle. She wrote an article for Bustle about her experiment with using WEN cleansing conditioner on her own hair for a week to see if it could be transformed from drab to fab. She admitted that her hair is typically fine and underwhelming. She hoped that by using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner for a week, she would be able to add some life and shine to her limp hair. In order to document her results, she posted before and after pictures each day along with a description of her hair care routine for readers to follow along. At the end of the week, she reported that she was extremely pleased with the results from this sephora sold brand and would recommend the cleansing conditioner to anyone looking to add some body to her hair without spending big bucks at a salon for a professional blowout.

Wen cleansing conditioner distinguishes itself from other hair care products on the Amazon online market by using a five in one revolutionary formula to transform all different types of women’s hair. It saves women time and money by including the effects of shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave in conditioner and deep conditioner all in one bottle. By combining the uses of so many hair products in one, WEN eliminates needless products from its customers’ bathroom sinks and puts money back into their pockets.

Using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner everyday makes hair healthier and smoother. Women rave about the ability of Wen by Chaz to repair their hair and leave it feeling silkier and more voluminous than before. This cuts down on styling time and gives a salon quality result everyday.


Darius Fisher Navigates to Success

For the past year we have watched as the Texas based PR firm Status Labs has grown into one of the most reputable online reputation companies in the country. With CEO Darius Fisher leading the way there has been nothing but growth to commend. Yet after a full year of work there have been some advancements that should be noted.

Status Labs started as a small public relations and digital reputation management company based out of Texas. The company was established with 25 employees who were trained in various facets of reputation management. Now, a year later, the company has grown to a total of 35 employees. These employees are trained in SEO content creation, online social media management, social media strategy and much more. In the digital age we live in it truly can take a well trained staff in order to keep you on top of your game.

Of course the growth of the employee payroll only mirrors the success that Status Labs and Darius Fisher have been enjoying over this past year. As of this writing the company has worked with clients across 35 different countries around the globe. These clients range in public profile from university professors all the way to the rich and famous. With so much of our lives on the web it turns out that everyone can use a little bit of help. We expect these numbers to keep on growing into the foreseeable future. When your company is well trained and on the right track it will take a lot to lose that momentum.

Darius Fisher is at the center of what the company is trying to do. He is a strong advocate for personal privacy and data safety on the Internet. He probably reached his peak in personal popularity during the infamous Ashley Madison hacks in the summer of 2015. Even though the victims of the aforementioned hack were not popular he still firmly believed in their rights to privacy. Now he has led the company into their first pro bono case, and probably not the last. This pro bono case is the defense of University of Missouri professor Melissa Click.

A Snapshot Of The Bruce Levenson’s Deal

If there’s one thing that is certain when it comes to selling a NBA team, it’s a great deal of fluctuations. Between the time it was first released to the news media, many things changed. When initially reported, the pending sale of a NBA team in the Atlanta area, had only two remaining groups.

According to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the were only two financial entities that emerged as front runners in the final stages of a deal to acquire ownership of the NBA team, The Atlanta Hawks. The proposed terms weren’t made available as public record, per a non-disclosure agreement. This agreement is one of the guidelines established by majority owner, Bruce Levenson.

Bruce Levenson, a well-known business man began the rather lengthy sale process by first seeking an overall estimate as to the fair market value of the team. The firm Bruce Levenson consulted was Inner Circle Sports, the brokering extension of the prominent division leading, Goldman Sachs. Inner Circle Sports’ initial estimate was touted as too high, as compared to other teams of the same caliber. The differences were eventually ironed out and a value was set. The two parties on that won final bidding rights during this first round of talks were a group lead by Steve Kaplan, the majority owner of another NBA team, The Grizzlies and a second group lead by the head of Lionsgate Entertainment, Mark Rachesky.

As often is the case, Bruce Levenson on wikipedia needed written approval from the team’s minority owners before the sale could be finalized. Well, when all was said and done, the final bid went to a partnership group that wasn’t in the initial sales talks. In the end, the Atlanta Hawks were finally sold to a group lead by Antony Ressler-Grant for $850 million. The group also included former NBA star, Grant Hill and co-founder of Marquis Jet, Jesse Itzler.

The Atlanta Hawks franchise wasn’t Bruce Levenson’s only asset. He began a long line of financially successfully endeavors by co-founding, United Communication Group (UCG) in 1977. He remained with the company as a partner and co-founder for 27 years, during this time Levenson continued to start other companies, such as Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Long before taking on his own businesses, Bruce Levenson was involved in the writing and publishing industry. Beginning a career as a writer after college for Observer Publishing and the Washington Post.