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The Best for The Best

There is so much competition in the dog food world. All companies are trying to promise pet owners the same thing; Their food is the best thing for your dog. What is the best thing for your dog? They need a balanced nutrition full of different kinds of foods. They need lots of different vitamins and minerals to promote everything from good eyesight to their ability to listen and understand what you expect of them. Pet owners are speaking up. They want their dogs to have the best out there and they are doing their research to see what really is the best and the worst for their dog.

Purinastore Beneful dog foods are packed with all those things your dog needs to live a healthy and productive life. Beneful use only fresh ingredients to insure that your precious family member is getting 100% of the nutrients they need while not sacrificing for the taste that your dog loves. It doesn’t matter how healthy it is, if your dog doesn’t like the way it tastes, they aren’t going to eat it.

They love the taste of fresh meats like beef, salmon, lamb, and chicken. It makes sure that they will love what they are eating and they really will show it. Vegetables give them vitamins and minerals that they need for everything from their eye sight to a healthy digestive track. You can’t go wrong with carrots, spinach, peas, and tomatoes. Beneful are packed with good stuff. Also, grains like brown and wild rice help them with the energy they need to keep up with your busy day. It’s great to know that Beneful combines all these things together to give your dog the best.

If you are a pet owner who wants to give their dog the very best that you can, then do your research. Look into all the foods like Beneful out there and you will see what they are really offering you and your pet. It won’t take long for you to understand that there has been someone that has been there for you and your furry family member the whole time!


George Soros: The EU vs. Putin.

The European Union is under crisis due to the rising number of refugees. George Soros offers a plan that will help solve their crisis and it is made up of the following six components: First, The EU should make provisions to support over a million refugees seeking a haven in their member state. Secondly, Countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan should be offered financial aid as they already have accommodated some of the asylum seekers. Thirdly, there is a need to come up with a single agency that will work to create procedures and laws that will govern refugees to avoid them colliding with the natives. Then they should offer safe channels through which the refugees can move and reach Europe. The fifth component is that the European Union should come up with global standards on how to handle refugees. Finally, the EU should partner with the private sector and NGOs so as to be able to accommodate a million refugees annually.

In his article published on the Project Syndicate, Soros claims that the current refugee crisis is a result of President Putin doings. He asserts further that Putin aims to flood the members of EU with refugees till they cannot handle them. That will eventually lead to the collapse of the EU since it also has internal wrangles. Putin has authorized Russian planes to attack Syrian towns like Aleppo forcing the inhabitants to flee. The European Union currently has sanctioned Russia and their economy too is on the verge of collapsing. If the EU crashes earlier according to Putin, then there will be no more sanctions and Russia will again regain its financial prowess.
George Soros is also known on Forbes for his generous acts over the years. He has offered over $8 billion in his philanthropic acts. His earliest works dated when he supported black South Africans to get a proper education by providing scholarships during the Apartheid. Soros created the Open System in 1979 when he felt that he had amassed enough wealth. The motive of the society is to provide justice for all through a government that is transparent and where all individual rights are respected. George also played a crucial role that led to the creation of an international system that helped to bring transparency and accountability to companies handling natural resources thereby preventing local tyrants from receiving bribes.
He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and has been ranked to be the best hedge fund manager by Forbes. Soros also engages in writings, and some of his greatest works include The Tragedy of the European Union, The Alchemy of Finance, among others. He is also known for his mastery of the money markets where he made the 2008 market crash where most investors did not heed his advice.

Beneful offers a myriad of premium dog foods

One of the biggest manufacturers of dog food has reoriented their business model and is now offering an increased number of products in the premium market. The reason for their move towards this market segment is obvious; not only are their rich margins but there is also a significant amount of growth.

Beneful is trying to capture this marketplace by moving towards higher quality and more organic dog food ingredients, by offering unique ordering options to customers, and by providing foods for specialized components of the marketplace. By doing so they are able to appeal to a broad range of dog owners who are seeking to provide their pets with high quality foods that keep their dogs happy and healthy.

To capture the specialized segment of the market, Beneful has a new offering to elderly dogs who have trouble processing some dog foods. The new offering has something that is known as medium chain triglycerides included in it. This is a type of fat that is derived from coconut oil and is easier for dogs to digest and process and is the right choice for many elderly dogs.

Beneful has made it easier for dog owners who are trying to offer specialized dog foods by offering a special way of ordering in the premium space. Beneful allows individual dog owners to select the ingredients in their dog food in small batches. This lets customers pick and choose those ingredients that are right for their pets and decide on how healthy their pet will be.

Another option is the increasing amount of organic dog food that is available through Beneful after their recent acquisition of American Pet Care who was the first certified organic seller of dog food. Their storied history in the market space is an excellent option for those who are concerned about the quality of ingredients in the food.

Beneful has therefore expanded greatly into the premium dog food space and has a large number of options for sale in this space which adds to their competitiveness and also to the options available for customers looking for new premium dog foods.


Dick DeVos Gets Initial Approval For His Liquor Business Purchase

The work of Dick DeVos has largely been limited to leading the family business of AmWay and its linked companies, but has been expanding into different areas in recent years. Dick DeVos has now looked to step outside his comfort zone and enter a new industry for his family by taking a controlling interest in the Coppercraft Distillery located in Michigan’s Holland Township, MLive reports. The Coppercraft Distillery will join a number of other investments made through Windquest since the investment company was formed in 2010 to provide Dick DeVos with a new outlet for his business activities.

Dick DeVos has been looking to create a new area of investment through the Windquest Group company, according to Wikipedia. The company has proven to be an important extension of the charitable works completed by Dick and Betsy DeVos, which has been shown by a commitment to green energy shown in the employment of an alternative energy specialist. DeVos has looked to create a diverse list of investments through Windquest, which includes a movement into the alcoholic beverage industry made through wine producers and distributors.

Despite the fast growth of Windquest Holdings the DeVos family is also seeking to extend its philanthropic work long into the 21st century. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has been one of the most important in Michigan for many years, and is just one part of a greater philanthropic drive completed by the DeVos family. The need to assist those less fortunate has been a major part of the life of the DeVos family for many years and was begun by Dick’s father who founded the legendary Amway Corporation.

Dick is best known for his philanthropy within his community as he places importance on giving to his native community. He has founded an aviation school in his hometown as he is passionate about making affordable education as well as flight.

The Coppercraft Distillery had been one of the fastest growing in the craft alcohol industry within Michigan, and created a wide range of different products including gin, rum and other liquor drinks. Coppercraft Distillery founder Walter Catton III has been discussing the plans he has for the company in the future, which he identified as needing a greater level of investment to achieve. The assistance of Dick DeVos should allow an extended range of beverages to be produced and allow Coppercraft to extend its drive towards creating a craft brewery at the 9,000 square foot distillery.

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