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The Benefits of Beneful Dry Dog Food

Beneful dog food is designed to keep dogs healthy and active. Made with wholesome ingredients like real meat and nutritious vegetables, Beneful is designed to nourish your dog “from the inside out”. The line offers both wet and dry foods in many flavor varieties as well as treats. Dry dog food is the top choice for most dog owners because its easy to store, can be purchased in large quantities and is enjoyed by most dogs. Beneful ORIGINALS dry food comes in beef, chicken and salmon flavors. Dogs can choose a favorite daily food or have variety in their diet. Beneful ORIGINALS is full of antioxidants and nutrients to keep dogs feeling their best. Beneful dry food is also offered in several specialty varieties including HEALTHY WEIGHT, HEALTHY PUPPY AND PLAYFUL LIFE for dogs needing specialty nutrition. HEALTHY WEIGHT is designed for dogs needing to restrict their calories but not their nutrients. It offers all of the delicious flavors dogs love from other Beneful foods, with a lower calorie count. It provides dogs with proper nutrition while helping them maintain a healthy weight. HEALTHY PUPPY is designed for young dogs to support brain and vision development with DHA and calcium. Puppies have different nutritional needs than grown dogs and this variety on Amazon of Beneful helps them grow healthy and strong. PLAYFUL LIFE is protein rich for very active dogs helping to maintain muscle and joint health. For small dogs, Beneful offers INCREDIBITES to keep small dogs in top form. INCREDIBITES is full of all the healthy and nutritious ingredients that customers have come to expect from Beneful, in smaller bites suitable for smaller dogs. No matter what breed, size or age, there is a Beneful dry food for every dog. Many flavors and varieties ensure that every dog will enjoy all of the benefits of Beneful.

George Soros Fights for Democracy Through Philanthropy and Writing

George Soros on investopedia is not afraid to speak and take action on controversial issues. The issue of human rights is the billionaire’s focus and he fights for the disenfranchised through his charity organization, The Open Society Foundations, and endeavors to educate the public on current events through his writing projects.

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. Having lived through the oppressive Nazi regime on, he has great empathy for people living in despotic societies. The Open Societies project works to educate, assist. and empower those who long for freedom.

George Soros is one of the wealthiest people in the world ( Escaping to England in 1947, George Soros began a career in investment fund management, and today is the founder and chairman of Soros Fund Management.

After making his fortune, George Soros decided he had enough money to last a lifetime, and since 1979 he has used his money and influence to champion democracy. He began his charity work with an educational program for blacks in Cape Town, South Africa. Whether it be assisting refuges, or promoting education for minorities, or fighting for a fair and legal electoral process, George Soros has never been afraid to stand up for his beliefs and invest his vast resources behind them. The organization he founded, The Open Society Foundations, now assists people in over 100 countries.

In addition to authoring many best-selling books on political and economic topics, George Soros’ essays have appeared in The New York Times, The Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. Many of his writing topics concern the state of the European Union and the future of our global economy.

Understanding first hand the consequences of living under a dictatorship, Georg Soros has not forgotten his European roots. Using his talent and wealth to change lives, George Soros has impacted our global society by not just shining a light on oppressed societies, but by actively working toward the ideal of a democratic world.

Yeonmi Park’s Daring Escape From North Korea

The citizens of North Korea live under a totalitarian, power crazed regime. Escaping from the country is an extremely difficult ordeal for several reasons. For one, the government aggressively tries to prevent citizens from fleeing the country. Those who flee risk being killed in the process. Furthermore, escape into South Korea is essentially impossible. The border between the two countries is separated by a demilitarized zone.

To the north, the country is bordered by China. China is not tolerant of North Koreans being in the country. However, Yenomi Park and her family bravely dared to escape the oppressive regime. Yeonmi Park’s tale on The Guardian is an inspiring one for North Korean citizens. It also is very eye opening to outsiders to see the horrors of the North Korean dictatorship. 

Her escape was made in a very bold and daring way. Her father was released from a prison camp where he had been held for “illegal trading”. When her father was released, Yenomi and her family made the choice to flee. They hired smugglers that got them into China. Once they got there, they had to be careful to avoid detection by the Chinese government.

While in China, Park’s father died of colon cancer. This was very traumatic to Yenomi and her mother. After her father’s death, Yenomi and her mother were able to make it to the Mongolian border. However, this plan did not work out very well. They were allowed into the country, but they were jailed in Mongolia’s capital.

They were in this jail through the late winter and early spring of 2009, but eventually they were let go. When they were released, they were able to get to South Korea. When they got there, it was possible for them to become citizens. At last, Park and her mother were able to be free from government oppression. 

While in South Korea, Yenomi has done a great deal of speaking out about the horrors of living under the North Korean dictatorship. Yenomi has been able to show some North Koreans about the world outside of the totalitarian regime. She also has shown the world what truly goes on in North Korea.

This has shocked many people living in different countries throughout the world. She told her story on BBC and during the One Young World summit in Dublin. Her moving speech really changed the way many people see the North Korean regime, and the speech has been seen by millions online all over the world. She also has spoken on other occasions, such as on TED and Dateline. 

Yenomi Park and other North Korean defectors have great potential to bring about social change. As time goes on, more people will hear their stories. It will spread the word of what goes on in North Korea throughout the world.

Yenomi’s story and other stories of life in North Korea contrasted to life in most other parts of the world will show those living under Kim Jong-Un’s regime the evil of his ways. Yenomi feels that her and other defectors may one day be able to bring about changes to how North Korea is governed. It would be wonderful if that ends up being true.

Bernardo Chua Expands Organo Gold

Turkey is the place where coffee originated. LinkedIn shows that Bernardo Chua has founded Organo Gold, which is a coffee company that sells high quality coffee products with a great nutrient that improves the health of customers that drink it. Bernardo Chua has recently made the most logical decision for the company which is to expand it to the place where coffee was invented. Turkey has become the 39th country to benefit from what Organo Gold has to offer. As a result, residents of Turkey get to enjoy the benefits that come with the coffee that is produced by Organo Gold with Ganoderma.

Bernardo Chua considers the expansion to Turkey to be an operational achievement of great significance, something he’s touted on Facebook. Turkey provides unity for the Asian, African, and European operations of the company. This also gives them a better idea to serve their customers and provide for distributors. This expansion is one of the best business moves that Bernardo Chua could carry out due to the heritage of one of the most consumed drinks throughout the world. As the business enterprise expands more people will become aware of the high quality coffee and the health benefits that could come with it. More people will benefit from the coffee products.

Due to coffee being a Turkish invention, it is firmly rooted in the culture. Therefore, people have a healthy appetite for coffee. Given that Organo Gold brings them the beverage in high quality with the nutrient Ganoderma, it is going to inspire people to drink more in order to take advantage of the health benefits that come with the nutrient. Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows in China. Many people in the territory knows this mushroom as the greatest herb in the field of medicine. It is helpful in building a stronger body and increasing the lifespan of an individual.

Bernardo Chua is quickly spreading awareness of his company on his website. The more he shows people the benefits that could come with drinking the products from his Organo Gold company, the more they will experience the long lasting effects of drinking the Ganoderma enhanced coffee. Bernardo Chua believes in the health and productivity of all human beings, which he speaks about in his videos. This is what fuels his passion for his coffee. He believes and he has seen the positive effects that people get from drinking his coffee products. He is already changing the perception of coffee in the world around him. He is also promoting a healthier world.