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Freedom Pop Expanding to the UK

FreedomPop is a free mobile phone company that offers 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200Mbs of data that are free for life. Additionally customers can gain extra data by completing surveys and downloading coupons.

FreedomPop has been active in the United States for three years and has gained almost one million customers. Since the service has started up in the UK over 250,000 people have signed up for their services.

Customers can share their surplus data with friends and family or wait until the end of the month and the unused data will roll over to the next month. Another benefit to using FreedomPop on fortune is you get a international phone number where people from other countries can call you absolutely free!

Stephen Stokols, FreedomPop chief executive and co-founder, is passionate about an easy to use, high quality, mobile service, that is available to everyone. He was quoted saying “We believe everyone should have access to mobile services, and we’re going to make that a reality in the UK.”

While the United Kingdom is the first country outside of the Unites States to get this service; FreedomPop within the next 12 months is supposed to launch in 7 other countries and be in at least 20 by 2017.

Keep an eye out around Christmas time because this service is planning to sell handsets in the United Kingdom at a cut price. FreedomPop is perfect for you if you have children who want a cell phone, but you don’t want to pay another bill.

The Brilliantly Eccentic Entrepreneur Doe Deere

If the name Doe Deere sounds familiar, you have probably heard of the infamous makeup guru at one point in time. Doe Deere, despite the cute name, is a makeup icon who has fought criticism like a champ. Her electric pigmented makeup line, Lime Crime, blew the minds of teens and twenty-somethings and became a hit in the makeup industry. The electric colors were unlike anything anyone had seen before, or since. Like her makeup line, Doe Deere stood out of the crowd with her eccentric personality and creativity. Doe Deere became a makeup icon when with her Lime Crime makeup line of hues as unique as their creator. Unfortunately for Doe Deere, fame has its consequences. The young entrepreneur would soon be faced with a wave criticism.

Despite rave reviews for her makeup line, Doe Deere faced criticism and wrongful allegations of fraud. Critics accused Doe Deere of selling knock off makeup and she showed them first hand how she creates her famous products. The critics were unsatisfied with Doe Deere’s demonstration and continued to accuse her of fraud. As the saying goes, “haters gonna hate.” In the face of adversity, Doe Deere continues to maintain a fan base and her makeup line, Lime Crime, has made history. Doe Deere has continuously fought for her makeup line and reputation and still claims no fraud has been committed.

Before her makeup line made her famous, Doe Deere was in a band called Sky Salt. Lime Crime actually began as a clothing line in the early 2000’s and was first sold on Ebay. It was in 2006 that Doe Deere emerged as a makeup tutorialist and her color palette changes from electric hues to soft pastels. In 2008, Doe Deere launches her famous makeup line, Lime Crime, and the makeup world falls in love. Her makeup line began as eye shadow, glitter, blush, primers, and brushes and ranged from $12-$25. Everyone was crazy about the new hues that were unlike anything anyone had released before. Electric blue lipstick and yellow pigmented lips were all the rage and consumers were embracing Doe Deere’s unique makeup style. People couldn’t get enough of Lime Crime.

To add to Doe Deere’s eccentricity, it is rumored that Doe Deere owns over 9000 sock puppets. The self-proclaimed Queen of the Unicorns is also a self-proclaimed gay icon. Her music is popular in the gay community. Doe Deere made her reputation being quirky, fashionable, creative, unique, and intriguing long before Lady Gaga. Some even speculate that Lady Gaga ripped off Doe Deere’s persona. But that is just speculation. Who knows, maybe in another few years she will make a comeback in her music career and put Lady Gaga to shame, relaunch her makeup line, and her clothing line. The world needs more icons like Doe Deere who aren’t afraid to be themselves and march to the beat of their own drum. Doe fights back and never backs down. She is unapologetic because she stands by her word.

FreedomPop expects 100,000 subscribers in their first month

Get ready to rethink everything you know about how cell phone service works. FreedomPop is finally coming to the United Kingdom. Expected to launch to a surprising 100,000 new subscribers within the first month, FreedomPop is the cellphone service to know. Designed with younger phone users in mind, FreedomPop’s business model is literally giving away their service. In exchange for free texts, calls, and internet FreedomPop charges for value added services and add-ons. In fact, over half their customers may never pay a dime for their service. All this is accomplished through VOIP technology transferred only through data – not traditional cell phone channels. All this means that FreedomPop can afford to give the best deal in Cellphone service no matter how you look at it.

Haven’t heard of FreedomPop? They’re the newest cellphone service to target to budget-minded consumers who find cellphone contracts and traditional companies to be cash cows. They offer a moderate amount of data to their customers free (who use their preexisting phones) this data can be used to make a phone call, text, or browse the internet. When their data runs out they can recharge their phone at a reasonable rate directly from their phone. They can also pay for a numerous amount of other services which are typically not available from other cell phone companies.

FreedomPop’s business model is popular with millennials, young adults, and those who don’t use their cell phones as often. Their target demographic is consumers who felt cheated after decades of price gauging from large cellphone companies who charged not only bloated prices but fees and fines that could add up to thousands of dollars. The same business model is being adopted by other business who target a younger audience, including games, online accounts and even some consumer items.

It’s no surprise that FreedomPop is expecting 100,000 subscribers within just the first month of their debut in the UK. They’re ready for their new subscribers and even primed to bring in more, with over 2800 online partners who will help promote and distribute FreedomPop to their new audience. On Mobile Today, Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop, says they’re not yet utilizing the channels due to their organic popularity, however, they’ll use them in the future moving forward.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Is Doe Deere’s Dream Come True

Entrepreneur Doe Deere is nothing if not resilient. She has suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and instead of resigning herself to business death, she has fought her way to the top. She has endured failure in the fashion and music industries. She has lived in a homeless shelter. She has seen her life-savings dwindle down to a few hundred dollars. Instead of giving in and giving up, she redoubled her efforts and transformed herself into the creator of one of the hottest new cosmetics lines on the planet. Her company, Lime Crime cosmetics, is now the new blueprint for success.

Lime Crime cosmetics started as a way for Doe Deere to get more attention while she was performing as a rock and roll artist. It has now blossomed into a growing player in the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry. She has done this through luck, pluck, and the support of well-wishers. Friends helped her family get out of a homeless shelter and get on their feet. The encouragement of the visitors to her online make-up tutorials gave her the confidence to offer the brightly colored Lime Crime cosmetics to the public. Fate put her in the right place at the right time. And her determination led her to success.

A lesser person might have given up long ago and got a 9 to 5 job. But Doe Deere has held on to her dream of being a prosperous entrepreneur against all odds. There has been no quit in this Russian born, New York City raised entrepreneur. She has been able to look past all her failures to see a bright future for herself. Without business school training or a marketing degree she has built a business and created the innovative marketing necessary to take it to the top. She has dealt with failed attempts at business time and again, but has never considered herself a failure.

That’s what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. One has to be able to accept failure, learn from it, and keep on going. Doe Deere has done just that. When neither the dresses she designed nor the music she recorded on and gave her the level of success for which she had a burning desire, she simply redoubled her efforts, harnessed her creativity, and looked for another opportunity. It has made her the quintessential entrepreneur and the perfect example of the Horatio Alger story. She has pulled herself up by her boot straps, pursued her American Dream, and attained it.

Now a new generation of entrepreneurs will have another inspirational figure. One that did not let failure after failure deter her. A woman that worked her way from a homeless shelter to a mansion in Los Angeles among the stars. He journey is not yet complete. She has not yet built the pink mansion of her dreams. But what has become clear is that once Doe Deere has a dream, she is willing to do what ever is necessary to attain it.

Flipora Might Be The Biggest Social Media App To Come Out Yet

Some people might download new social media apps onto their iPhones or other devices for the fun of it, while others download new apps in search of the next big thing. There is always something new going on with apps and technology, and those who want to download something new for any reason should be able to find something to download all of the time. They should be able to have fun with all of the new offerings, and they just might find some new apps that they absolutely love.
One app that people have started to download and have come to have a great deal of love for is Flipora. This social media app has made many people happy because of how convenient it is to use. It is something different than most people have ever used before, and once they get used it it and how it works they cannot imagine their lives without it. They can’t imagine not having it around to help them to search and do things like that much easier than they’ve ever done them before.
Flipora is a convenient app that some have claimed is going to take over every old search engine. Some people believe that this is the way that people will go about searching the web in the future, and that just may come true. Flipora has gotten a ton of positive feedback from those who have tried it out so far, and as more people download it onto their devices and see all that it can do for them it is only going to continue to become more popular.
There are many reasons that people love social media so much already, and Flipora is just another reason for them to love it. It offers them yet another reason to come to appreciate social media and the apps on their devices. Flipora just might be the next big thing for everyone who uses technology, and those who are wanting to be in on something big as it comes to be are going to want to download the social media app immediately.

Skout Has Helped Me To Sell More Insurance

I come from a long line a family members that sell insurance. My mother, father, brother, sister, and even my grandfather sold insurance. My other family members were really good at selling insurance, and I’ve grown to be very good at selling insurance as well. I have my own business where I sell insurance, but the fact is, there is a lot of competition out there. I didn’t really know how to bring in extra business, and that’s where Skout comes in. You wouldn’t believe how many people are out there who don’t have insurance, even though there are so many insurance companies around.

I sell all kinds of insurance, such as life insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, car insurance and more. Since I offer so many diverse types of insurance, this means that I can help anyone when they have insurance needs. I figured that if I use the Skout network, I’d be able to bring in extra business, and I was right about this hunch. I simply joined Skout to socialize with others in my free time, but I began seeing how some of the users on the network were advertising their businesses. When I saw that some people were advertising and pushing their business on Skout, I decided to the same thing.

I figured that I could bring in a little bit more business than I was getting now, but I never figured that my business would explode. Let’s put it like this. I was making $2,500 a month before I started advertising on Skout, and now I almost double my previous income each month. I’ve been advertising the same way for years, and the only difference I’ve made recently is by advertising on Skout. The fact is, the exposure that I get on the Skout network has doubled my business, and I’m only sorry that I didn’t think of using Skout before.

I’ve even suggested to my friends who also sell insurance to use Skout as their platform, even though it may make for some more competition. I know that the Skout network like Instagram is big enough where everyone who joins it can increase their business, but it won’t necessarily step on the toes of others who are also in the same business. I decided that since my insurance business was going so good, I might try my hand at doing some other types of businesses as well. I recently opened up a website, and I’m advertising information about my website on Skout.

Using Skout as an advertising tool was an excellent choice for me, and I advertise by word of mouth, by putting information in my profile, and by posting information on Skout wherever I can. Maybe because Skout has so many people on the network is why I’ve had such an explosion in my business. Skout has over 200 million members, and a lot of the members are in the USA, so this means I have a big platform to advertise on and possibly bring in additional clients.

Bruce Levenson Sells Atlanta Hawks After Successful Tenure

The Atlanta Hawks have seemingly been an NBA team in transition for the better part of the last 20 to 30 years. The Hawks sit in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference and they’ve struggled to maintain continuous appeal even though their opponents aren’t exactly top tier. The Hawks struggled in the ’90s when the East was stellar and then continue to do so in the early ’00s when LeBron James made it to the NBA to dominate the league. Bruce Levenson, the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, came onto the scene in 2004 in order to purchase the franchise. For the past 11 years he has worked day and night in order to help create a team of contenders.

The Early Years
Levenson came into Atlanta for the 2004 – 2005 season. In the past two years he had seen the Hawks win a total over just 62 games. So the spotlight was obviously on and out looking for someone to come out and shake things up a little bit. Unfortunately for Bruce Levenson there was a ton of work to do before that spotlight would begin to dim and applause take its place. The biggest thing that Levenson needed to do in Atlanta was create a face of the franchise to bring fans in and start building a contender.

Levenson managed to draft Josh Smith at 17th overall in order to start his team construction out right. A few years later he would add center Al Horford, a Florida champion graduate, in the lottery. From there the roster would begin to take shape and start doing major work in the Eastern Conference. With a core of Josh Smith, Jeff Teague, and Al Horford we would soon see Atlanta turn into a perennial contender.

A Historic Season
In the 2014 – 2015 season the Atlanta Hawks had their most successful year in almost half of a century. Atlanta, with Levenson’s help, spent big to improve their rotation by adding Paul Millsap and Kyle Korver to the roster. With coach Mike Budenholzer at the helm Atlanta would go on to score the second best record in the NBA. Atlanta would then proceed to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1970! With Atlanta’s value at an all time high it only made sense for Levenson to step away from the team to pursue other objectives. He sold the Hawks to Antony Ressler for a stunning $850 million.