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FreedomPop is a free alternative to existing mobile plans

FreedomPop, a Los Angeles-based startup, has been successfully growing and expanding their business in recent months, and with their business plan, it’s easy to see why.

The new mobile service provider offers free mobile services to their users, which has allowed them to attract their rather impressive one million customers since their launch in 2012 [1]. FreedomPop’s business model is fairly simple, and it’s this simplicity that has allowed them to attract their customers.

A FreedomPop plan requires the user to use a FreedomPop phone, which is often a refurbished phone from Samsung or HTC, or they can register an existing Sprint phone to the FreedomPop network [2]. Once the phone has been registered, the new user is given 500 MB of data, 200 voice minutes, and 500 text messages a month, completely free [2]. As long as users stay under these limits each month, they won’t have to pay a cent to FreedomPop. However, if users wish to expand their monthly limits, they can pay 2 cents per megabyte of data, 1 cent for every voice minute or text message, or a flat $20 rate per month for unlimited data, minutes, and texts [2].

In addition to this “pay as you go” plan, FreedomPop also offers a wide variety of extra features for various monthly subscription fees. Features such as data rollover (carry over your unused data, minutes, and texts from month to month), anonymous browsing on your phone, insurance on lost or damaged phones, and the ability to add international numbers to your phone, are all available to paying users. Each of these features may be purchased “a la carte”, with prices ranging from $3 to $10 a month [2]. FreedomPop says that the average paying customer uses a little over two of these features each month, generating roughly $14-15 a month in revenue. These paying customers balance out those who only use FreedomPop’s free services, allowing the company to bring in an estimated $50 million in revenue this year [3].

So, how is FreedomPop able to offer these services at the prices that they do? Rather than paying for their own infrastructure and network, FreedomPop partners with providers like Sprint in the US, buying network capacity from them wholesale [2]. FreedomPop is able to use this to keep their costs down while offering competitive and desired functionality to their customers.

In the coming months, FreedomPop is still looking to grow. They recently raised $59 million in funding from US and European investors, and are finalizing plans to expand into Southeast Asia [2]. With all these developments, Freedompop is certainly a company to keep an eye on.

Purina Petcare Show They Care About Pets

Purina Petcare is more than your average petfood company. They have a repurtation of over 100 years of being a pet food company that cares. Recently, they have been going above and beyond with dog lovers and their pets and creating fun for your dog in building new community Dog Parks and hosting their annual Purina Pro Plan Dog Challenges.

In July, the 18th Annual Incredible Purina News Pro Plan Dog Challenge was held on Saturday, July 11. Top athletes of the canine persuasion met in Joe Moakley Park for the Eastern Regionals, which presented an entire day of challenges for local dogs. Purina Petcare designed this free event to encourage dog owners to develop better relationships with their pets and to provide a fun day for the community. They extended a welcome invitation to all canines and their owners in the area.

The event is named after a superior line of both cat and dog foods that offer optimum levels of protein in every bite as well as other premium ingredients that provide 100 percent balanced nutrition for your pet. A healthy diet for your favorite pets is important to keep them running, jumping and full of playful energy.

Dog food experts at Purina developed Pro Plan by taking the expertise of over 400 veternatians and scientists to formulate the 15 varieties of Purina Pro Plan for felines, canines and puppies, so they would get the protein-filled diet that they needed every day.

The main “Olympic-style” events at the Challenge require healthy dogs. The favorite event requires the dog to take a running leap off of a 40-foot dock into a 19,000-gallon pool of water, which is extreeme. This is a spectacular time to show off your dog’s talents, and Boston dog lovers had an exciting, fun-filled day.

After a good show, the top dogs in each competition were invited to the National Finals in St. Louis on September 25-26. There, they will meet the winners from the Western Regionals, which just wrapped up in California. Purina has a big heart for their four-legged customers, and their motto remains “Your Pet, Our Passion.”

Purina Dog Chow

Since the late 1800s, Purina has been making the best chow for your pets. The Canine Challenges and family celebrations honor their high-quality dog foods that keep dogs of all ages and sizes healthy. Purina Petcare has recently released another healthy choice for dry and wet dog food called Beneful. Beneful is filled with meaty chunks of chicken and beef along with bite-sized vegetables that dogs love like carrots and potatoes. The eight varieties of Beneful are yet another way that Purina passionaelty takes care of your pets.

Purina Makes it Easy to Love Your Pet

Purina is one of the leading names in the pet food industry and has been helping people love their pet for decades. Originally named Ralston Purina and known for its large bags of affordable, nutritious dog food that had a small checker board in the upper corner of the bag, the company dropped the first name of Ralston and became a subsidiary of the Nestle corporation. Purina kept the red checker board trademark though, which can be found at the beginning of the Purina name on each container of pet food or pet care product.
Purina is now known for more than just large bags of dry dog kibble, it’s also known for several popular brands of dry and wet dog food, dog treats, cat food and more.
Purina news on newscenter has many different food formulations that take pets through every stage of their life with optimum nutrition. Puppy Chow or Kitten Chow gets the new addition to the family off on the right paw and with all the available formulas that range from Fancy Feast, to Muse and Beyond for cats and Dog Chow, Beneful, Pro Plan and Veterinary Diets formula for dogs, showing your pet love and keeping him or her healthy with the right food is made easy by Purina.
Not only does Purina provide a wide range of food formulas for dogs and cats, but the company also has a variety of healthy snack options so you won’t feel guilty over giving your beloved pet a daily snack.
Second Nature dog litter will also help you housetrain your puppy and one of their popular kitty litter brands, Yesterday’s News, is made with recycled materials so you and your pet can be eco-friendly.
The Purina Company doesn’t stop there, they also offer online resources that provide owners with valuable pet care information as well as the ability to shop for their products online.

Having a Good Pet Starts With the Basics

Purina Petcare is dedicated to helping you take the best care of your favorite four-legged friends possible, no matter what breeds you have. Quality assurance is one of the strongest identifying characteristics of Purina products. Purina’s slogan is “Your pet, Our Passion” and every product they sell comes with their solid reputation, which they have earned over the past 125 years of producing pet foods made with high-quality ingredients whether dry, canned or the pet treats.

Taking Care of Your Puppy and New BFF

It’s an exciting time when you first bring your puppy home, and you want him/her to be comfortable and happy. There are a few things you can do to make the transition smoother.

1. You can use a crate or a big box with an old towel and play toy inside to give him his own space. Place it in your bedroom for the first week or two until he gets used to his new environment.
2. Until he gets comfortable with the people and new surroundings, keep him in that one room.
3. Take him outside for a few minutes five or six times a day, so he knows he’ll be going outside to potty. Place papers down, so you can paper-train him, too. Puppies need to go out often.
4. If you can, sit with him in his new room and play until he goes to sleep.
5. Make sure all cleaning supplies are off the floor and in cabinets. Puppies are curious, and you wouldn’t want them ingesting any chemicals.
6. Keep your new puppy off high balconies and decks.
7. Move plants to shelves or tables, if possible. Dogs can’t jump like cats, but they will knock it over and eat the leaves.
8. Set up one area for their food. Keep water out at all times and for the first few weeks, leave Purina Puppy Chow out. It is filled with all the nutrients an active puppy needs. Then, feed them morning and evening with Purina canned dog food, which they will love!

If you have an older dog you are bringing home, these same tips will help acclimate them, also. Use an adult dog food like Beneful, which is a dry food with beef, vegetables and whole grains. They will get the nutrition they need to run and play, and you will enjoy them for a long time to come.

It is a wonderful experience to bring home a new puppy or any dog because you adding another member to the family. Purina understands this and that’s why they want to provide you with products that are of high standards and consistent for your pet, and are economical for you. Their reputation and passion date back into the 1800s, and they are committed to keeping your Fido happy.