The All Natural Crime

Cosmetics provide so many great benefits for people. Whether they are trying to smooth their complexion or add the perfect lip color to their look, it can bring so much confidence to a person that without it they feel so lost. As today’s society grows, there are many products that are using artificial ingredients and chemicals that are very harsh on someones’s body.

Lime Crime Makeup was launched back in 2008 by CEO and founder Doe Deere. She created this makeup brand to bring cosmetics that matched her colorful eccentric wardrobe, but she also wanted it to be cruelty-free and vegan friendly for people. They are a company that is certified through PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program, and goes to show why Lime Crime expresses their love for animals and pride they take in creating great products that are safe to use. They offer a variety of products to purchase from vibrant eye shadow palettes, unique lip colors, and the infamous Unicorn hair color. One lip product they have is their Unicorn Lipstick that gives a flawless matte finish and has a unicorn design on the tube, but best of all…it smells like cupcakes! Lime Crimes Unicorn Hair Color is one of their most popular products. It is a semi-permanent color that lasts longer and fades gracefully out, also no harsh chemicals are used and the best part is you can have beautifully and vibrant colored hair like a unicorn.

The great thing about Lime Crime as a cosmetic company is that not only do they provide vegan and cruelty- free products but they are also at an affordable price. Makeup can be very expensive for such a small item, but having a good quality lipstick for ten dollars or an eye shadow palette for thirty- five dollars if more affordable compared to other companies out there.


Robert Santiago Introduces a Fun Alternative

If you are looking to break the monotonous family outings, you need to consider the Manaira Shopping Mall. The Mall has been designed with fun activities suitable for the whole family.

Robert Santiago had the vision to introduce a fun alternative for the citizens of Joao Pessoa. That is when the idea of the Manaira Shopping Mall was born. It took two years for the Mall to be completed and that is why it beams of elegance. Manaira Shopping Mall, inaugurated in 1989 is one of the largest shopping malls in Joao Pessoa and Brazil at large.

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The Mall was designed not only for shopping but also for fun family activities. There is an electric amusement park with different gaming stations. It also includes an elegantly designed ballroom and recreational activities including the gym. The game station is built in 1800 Square Meters, and it has over 200 machines. They have included state-of-the-art playing activities.

The Mall provides you and your friends a chance to connect. They have a bowling alley with six electronic tracks. The Gold Strike alley lets you showcase your bowling skills and talent. Adjacent to the bowling alley, there is a strike bar. This is a themed bar where you can enjoy a cozy environment with your friends. You will have a chance to experience different types of cocktails.

If you have young children, they have a children area; the Pirlimpimpim. It is a playing ground where children can be engaged and entertained. The Mall has qualified staff that will take care of your kids at the play area. They have 24 supervisors and two managers who provide guidance and feed the children. You can buy either weekly or monthly passports for your kids.

In 2009, the Domus Mall was opened. It is a concert area located at the roof top of the Mall. The Concert Hall is the largest in the city. It was designed with two floors: the Mezzanine and ground floor. The ground floor is spacious and can be used to host different events like weddings, birthdays, and graduations. The Mezzanine floor has a private lounge with individual cabins. It also has different dressing rooms. Read more articles on Blog Do Gordinho


Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has a Cinepolis which has 11 theaters with modern features. It offers the ultimate cinema experience. They have a VIP Cinema with three theaters with comfortable reclining seats and a giant screen. They have included a popcorn gourmet area and a bar that gives you access to different drinks.

Food courts

The Mall has an elegant and modern food court with different food joints. You will get a chance to sample different cuisines. The gourmet space was recently added, and it contains a steak and burger houses.

Liquid Nitrogen is Rocking the Culinary World

Food connoisseurs are continuously on the hunt for new food fads to delight their sophisticated palates. The latest craze blends food with science using something normally found in laboratories – liquid nitrogen. Chefs are combining the two to create delightful concoctions which dazzle the senses and make your mouth want to cry from sheer happiness.


Not for the beginner, liquid nitrogen does come with a warning label. It requires special handling and training. With a temperature below three hundred Fahrenheit, chefs need gloves, goggles, and special gear to handle this substance which can cause skin burns and suffocation.


So why take the risk? Well, when used right the outcome of this unusual pairing creates delicacies that are rocking the culinary world. Chefs are discovering new flavor combinations and techniques every day. One can say they are the Marco Polos of this gastronomic revolution.


The process used is fascinating and can be seen in this video. After donning the right equipment, the chef whips out a large metal jug he refers to as a vacuum dewar. Up until this moment, you feel like you are watching an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy. Then the real fun begins.


Using three bright oranges, the chef covers the fruit with liquid nitrogen allowing it to freeze to an unimaginable negative 321 degrees Fahrenheit. As the gas flows over the food, the chef goes over the nuances of working with nitrogen.


Once frozen the chef smashes the fruit while warning viewers not to eat it at this stage as the gas will cause mouth sores. The oranges need to warm up first. They look like small pieces of confetti.


Next, the chef turns mint into a powder. Wielding culinary magic, he creates a hybrid crème brule dessert that looks amazingly decadent on the video topped with the oranges and mint powder.Not only is this process fun to watch, but the result is pleasing to the eye.


Liquid nitrogen has expanded the possibilities for chefs allowing them to bridge new gaps and experiment with texture and flavor. This technique has opened a door serious gourmands are grateful for. Full of endless potential, this food revolution delights both the senses and palate.




Nine9 Redefines the “UNagency” Industry

Breaking into the entertainment industry is one of the most difficult career choices any individual can make and decide to pursue. Unlike other industries in which talent will always find a suitable position,no one has ever heard of a talented surgeon not saving lives because they never “got their break”, the entertainment industry requires immense dedication, hard-work, talent, and a little bit of good luck as well. This difficult reality is well-known to all those that decide to bank on their dreams and chase down their path to stardom and fame, not including the amazing and lavish lifestyle that often accompany the two.


Giving Yourself an Edge With an UNagency

Understanding the inherent difficulties within breaking into stardom is only the first part of your path towards fame and stardom but to progress much further than that realization you must be able to have not only talent but the right team of people supporting you from the beginning. Think of a professional boxer who without anyone in his corner of the ring would never have made it beyond a neighborhood gym without a proper coach and team and learn more about Nine9.

Unfortunately for many aspiring actors, actresses, and models, they align themselves with agencies that often only provide a minute amount career development that will prove essential as prospective talent look to make it further than simply auditions and more information click here.


The Unagency, Nine9 is the Firm for the 99%

So if a regular agency is only going to provide auditions and not help jump start a long and fulfilling career, what options are available to prospective talent? and its resume.

Nine9 the Unagency is the perfect answer for anyone looking to break into the entertainment industry due to their revolutionary take on talent recruitment and development, to learn more please click here.

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Susan McGalla Attributes Success At The CEO Level To Hard Work

In the business world, women like Susan McGalla are making their own mark. Like many other women, she has cracked that glass ceiling because of her hard work, tenacity and ability to overcome any challenge. She has stared down and conquered glaring inequities faced by many women in the corporate world such as sexism, unequal pay and lack of respect.


When McGalla first started out after graduating from Mount College, there were very few women in the board room. Today, not only is she proving that women can succeed in the board room, they can also successfully run their own companies. McGalla started her marketing and merchandising career at Joseph Horne Co. After an 8-year stint, she moved on to American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla moved through the ranks and eventually became CEO. She launched a number of initiatives to help women determined to succeed on the executive level. Wet Seal was her next stop. After a year, McGalla decided it was time to strike out on her own and accomplish her long-term goal of owning her own company.


Pittsburgh-based P3 Executive Consulting currently helps corporations achieve success in finance, personnel recruitment, location and other pertinent areas. She is also the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla attributes her success to hard work, passion and confidence. McGalla says no women should expect things to be served up on a silver platter. Regardless of the obstacles, women can achieve great things if she has the will and determination.


McGalla has no problem with making herself known. She says that the roadblocks that locked women out many years ago are nearly non-existent now. Thankfully, through legislation and changing attitudes, women have the ability to present themselves as formidable leaders in the corporate world. McGalla says she tries to be a positive role model for women rising up through the ranks. The opportunities are there, but women just have to assert themselves, according to Mcgalla.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is The People’s Company

When Ken Goodrich took over Goettl Air Conditioning, things were not looking so hot for the air conditioning company. In fact, they were quite dire. That is why they needed a man with the power, conviction, and courage of Ken Goodrich. He gets things done, no excuses and no questions asked. This is, believe it or not, his 16th company that he has taken from the bottom and brought it to the top. What is even more remarkable about it is the fact that it took him four years to completely change the way people view the company and how they do business.


As any good leader knows, it is important to have a mission and it is important to have a plan. That needs to be put in place as soon as possible. If that is not there, it can be quite difficult for the company to get off the ground. That is why he had open communication. Even though Ken Goodrich is in charge, he values his employees and he values their input. He hired them for a reason and that reason was because he trusts them and he knows they are the right people for the job.


He knew a big part of this rebuilding process was gaining back the people’s trust, which can be very difficult to do in today’s marketplace. The way he was going to do that was by following up on things and delivering on his promises. If one of his workers say they are going to be there for a job, they are going to be there. They are not going to back out and they will not show up late. They will treat the customers with the respect they deserve and keep them coming back for more now and well into the future.


Five Tips for Freezing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

With the summer months quickly approaching, there will soon be an abundance of the freshest and tastiest fruits and vegetables popping up everywhere. Whether you regularly visit local farm markets or you are an avid gardener with a green thumb and plenty of produce to spare, knowing how to keep the season’s bounty tasting great into the cold winter months is both useful and economical. Here are some tips from the experts at and so that you can take advantage of the season’s best.


1 Plan ahead for freezing fresh foods by having a supply of freezer zipper bags as well as freezer safe plastic containers ready. Of both options, freezer bags have the advantage of allowing you to push all of the air out of the bag. Using the bags prevents freezer burn and allows food to last longer.


  1. Separate foods into portion sizes before freezing. When you bag more berries than you need for your recipe you are faced with either finding another way to use the fruit or throwing it away. Measuring amounts before you freeze your produce will help prevent unnecessary waste.


3.Prep the fruits and vegetables so that they are ready to use when you bring them out of the freezer. If you know you want the carrots, you just bought to be added to soup peeling and dicing the carrots before freezing will make enjoying them later much easier.


4.Blanch vegetables before freezing them to assure the best results. Simply drop fresh vegetables in boiling water and allow them to cook for two minutes. Stop the cooking process by immediately putting the vegetables into ice cold water once they are out of the hot water.


5.Freeze berries before you package them. To freeze fresh berries, wash them and gently pat dry. Arrange berries on a baking sheet so that berries are not crushing each other. Place the baking sheet with berries in your freezer until frozen solid. The amount of time this takes will vary. Fruits like apples and pears freeze best if they have been peeled and cooked before freezing.


With a little prep and planning, you can enjoy the freshest tasting fruits and vegetables long after the growing season is over.


Lime Crime, Affordable Quality Cosmetics

Founder and CEO Doe Deere launched the acclaimed make up online-store Lime Crime in October, 2008. This is a makeup company who’s products are made strictly vegan that of which do not use of any ingredients that involve animal products, including byproducts from beeswax, lanolin, whey and carmine. This business is certified under the name ‘Leaping Bunny’ that is made up of several animal protection based groups like the Humane Society. They also hold a certification under People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).


The company is home to many gorgeous styles of cosmetics. They had came out with the popular Unicorn Lipsticks in 2009 and has since been one of their best selling products. These lipsticks come in a wide variety of color schemes a few being, (Bomber) a darker red, (New Yolk City) a vibrant yellow and (Hoodie) a darker shade of pink. Lime crime also offers a rad spin on a selection of Unicorn hair dyes. The dyes come in two categories Full Coverage and Tint and offer some colors such as, (Salad) light shade green, (Neon Peach) peach orange color and (Strawberry Jam) a violet red. Don’t be afraid to mix these colors for you can come up with delightful colors of your creation! An online v-logger put the idea to the test and used the colors Bunny and Neon Peach to create a wonderful color of her own.


Lime Crime has a variety of reasonably priced bundle packages of cosmetics that can make great gifts, or purchased for personal use. Some contents of these bundles are the ‘M$LF Velvetines‘ Lip Balms that include 4 shades of products, (M$LF) Rose Nude, (Cougar) Grey Taupe, (Low Cut) True Terracotta and (Stacy’s Mom) Sugar Plum Mauve. Each one of these lip balms are absolutely stunning colors. Bundles and products of all sorts are always on sale and priced pretty cheap. You can find just about any shade of Unicorn Lipsticks for $10.00 a piece along with bundles worth $60.00 or more for half off. However offering free shipping for US residents with purchases over $50! What else could you want from a company when shopping for cosmetics? They provide high quality make-up at an affordable price, shop now at







Hold The Avocado Please

I’m all about avocados. They are delicious, creamy, full of good fats that are great for your health, and mild enough in flavor that they fit well in a lot of different dishes. There aren’t too many foods that are equally good in sushi, tacos, and ice cream.


As big of a fan as I am of avocados; I have to say I think it’s time to give it a rest. Just ease off of the avocado gas pedal a little bit. Slow down the avocado freight train. Not every dish needs an excessive amount of avocado.


One avocado dish I see circulating the internet that perfectly expresses our nations current overload on avocado is, ” The Bacon Wrapped Egg Stuffed Avocado“.


It is exactly what it sounds like. An avocado is pitted and pealed; a poached or soft boiled egg is placed inside the cavity. It is then closed back up, wrapped in bacon, and sauteed in a pan until golden; then it is sliced into and the perfectly runny yoke of the egg comes spilling out of the center.


I can understand the initial appeal. First of all: bacon. Bacon is really glorious. There does seem to be some logic in bacon being that magical ingredient that automatically makes a recipe amazing.


Next comes a creamy layer of avocado; this is a pretty thick layer. After that comes the creamy egg white, and finally the creamy egg yolk.


That’s a whole lot of creamy. The only textural contrast you have is the crispness of the bacon, and then you are left wit a mouthful of smooshy, warm avocado followed by smooshy warm egg, and runny yolk.


I’m not a fan of the trendy food term ” mouth feel”, but the mouth feel of this dish frankly is really off putting.


The moral of the story is this: texture matters, and just because it’s trending on social media; doesn’t mean it’s a great food idea.


The next time you are looking for an avocado fix give this recipe for Fried Avocado Tacos a try instead.


E-Governe Revolutionizing Management E-Governe Revolutionizing Management

E-governe is a system that was created in order for administrative businesses to use and achieve a higher level of efficiency in their work. The system is currently used by other kinds of institutions as well as it features a wide number of tools such as a human resources management tool, for example.

The system of E-governe is Portuguese, but institutions on other countries have started using it as well. In Brazil, a few of the municipalities have already begun the process of integration of the E-governe system. Osasco is a Brazilian municipality that is located in the Greater Sao Paulo area. It has recently signed a contract ad has started the process of implementing one of the many tools of the E-governe system. The tool is the Education which is a school management system. The same system is used in the municipality of Teresina which is Portuguese municipality.

The tool Education by E-governe will be used for all of the school units in the city of Osasco. There are 138 institutions including elementary schools, middle schools, and institutions of higher education. The tool will also be implemented in the Continuing Education Center as well as in the Municipal Education Department.

There are a number of main advantages that the tools of the E-governe system have. The tools have been designed with efficiency in mind. The navigation is simplified but effective; they can be used with internet browsers and on several mobile devices as well. All of the tools are integrated with extra security measure in order to keep the information of the clients safe at The tools are also integrated with the option for sharing reports among the members of the network.

The fifth biggest city in the state of Osasco is among the towns in the state that have achieved the highest indexes of development on The city is known for its higher levels of entrepreneurialism percentage according to the number of the population. There are more than 700 000 people living in that city which are also called ‘’work-city’’.

The city of Osasco takes the fifth place in terms of population number in the state of Sao Paulo. The city is also highly economical in nature and is one of the most dynamic ones in the area. The economy there is stable but growing, and the population of the city of Osasco is steadily growing in numbers. It is the capital of the region of the Western Zone of Sao Paulo. The city of Osasco is also the home of Sao Paulo State Industries Center, or CIESP for short. It is also the home of the headquarters of a number of other highly esteemed institutions such as FACESP – Federation of Trade Association, SEBRAE – the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service, The Trade Board of Brazil, as well as SENAC and SENAI.

The E-governe system has been spreading its reach not only in Portugal and Brazil but other parts of Latin America as well. It has revolutionized electronic management.