The United States is Dumping Milk

Milk is something that is important in the lives of Americans and individuals everywhere, and there are places where there is just not enough milk available. In the US, though, it seems that there is actually too much milk being produced. How can there be too much milk? How can we know that we are producing too much milk? When milk is being dumped, that is when we know that we are producing too much of the nutritious drink.

It seems that the United States is producing large amounts of milk, and it seems that much of that milk is going to waste. It seems that the US is dumping much of the milk that is being produced. This is milk that could go on to help those who are in need of food and nourishment, but instead the milk is being dumped. This is wasteful and sad, and it is also very surprising to Mikal Watts to read about.

SoBe Lifewater May Be In Hot Water

SoBe Lifewater is a brand of flavored waters that makes an effort to stand out from the pack by including little anecdotes on the inside of its bottle caps. However, a recent message is not eliciting as many smiles.

A recent article posted on details how some bottle caps contain a strange, somewhat creepy message: “Help me trapped in SoBe factory.” This short phrase is enough to make anyone pause, especially in light of growing human trafficking concerns all over the world.

Officials at the company quickly took to Twitter to address the issue, saying that it was a mistake that was meant to be funny. They promised not to make anymore caps with this message, but stated that the message is still in circulation and will take some time to basically die out.

Personally, I’m not sure if this was really a prank, or if there is some poor soul out there, literally trapped in a Sobe factory. Adam Sender doesn’t know either. I just hope the company gets to the bottom of this issue so that it won’t happen again.

Go To A Pizza Farm For Supper

There are many cool food trends that go around, but this newest one may be the coolest one yet. Pizza farms are popping up all over, and they might not be exactly what you would expect from the name.
Pizza farms are a farm where you can go to get served pizza. Okay, so maybe that isn’t so complicated. And, it sounds amazing, doesn’t it?
Pizza is a favorite food for many people, and going to a pizza farm could be a great way to eat a meal. One thing James Dondero can assure you of is that you can expect to be served nice, fresh pizza made with amazing ingredients, and all in a new, different kind of environment. It’s a trend that is definitely worth looking into for any pizza – or food, in general – lovers.
So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and find yourself a pizza farm to go to right away!

Are American Diets Changing?

There has been an extreme shift in how the average American eats nowadays. About a decade or two ago, fast food and junk food items were at an all-time high when it came to sales. It was easy to get fast food and to go for candy instead of higher priced health food items. Nowadays, more of an emphasis is being put onto healthy foods and exercise because of the impact that the unhealthy stuff can have on a person’s life. The rise of the diet change comes in accordance with a rise in obesity levels says Marcio Alaor BMG in this piece. People know that junk food and fast food items, when consumed in excess, can cause a person to gain weight.

By eliminating these foods and going with a healthier diet and lifestyle, people are able to lose weight and get back down to their goals. This is essential for those who have been dealing with obesity and weight problems for quite some time. The change in the American diet is a very good one, but this doesn’t change the fact that many people are still finding health foods to be a lot more expensive than junk food items. There are tons of different things to consider for yourself if you are going to be changing your own diet, but choosing one that incorporates healthier foods is definitely the viable option for you and even your loved ones who are involved.

Excessive Sugar Impairs Brain Function

Researchers have found that eating a diet with excessive sugar slows brain function, affects memory and harms learning. Overall, too much sugar causes you to stop thinking clearly.

Researchers believe that as we eat sugar, our body transmits messages to the brain, slowing down neural responses.

“It’s becoming very clear that gut bacteria has a connection with the brain,” says Kathy Magnusson, PhD, at Oregon State University and lead researcher. “Bacteria discharges components that act like neurotransmitters, and spark the sensory nerves, prompting various biological functions.

WSJ said the study also found that sugar can cause both short-term and long-term memory impairments. That’s just one reason processed foods are so bad.

But researchers are also working on how to counter the effect of sugar on the brain.

According to a study published in the Journal of Physiology, the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids can compensate for the damage caused by excessive sugar found in processed foods.

These findings about food aren’t surprising, however, it can change how we feel about what we eat.

Starbucks Will Soon Have Competition For Their Frappucinos

Is it possible to have gourmet coffee in a can at an affordable price, Todd Carmichael seems to think so. He has come up with a very creative coffee that is distributed through a keg system. Carmichael has been experimenting with coffee brewing, packing, and dispensing methods. He is going to be releasing his gourmet, sugar-free coffee blend, La Colombe, is cans for sale at a mere $2 each. The product will begin being sold exclusively in Philadelphia before expanding to the rest of the country in certain grocery stores. According to Shaygan Kheradpir, eventually Carmichael would like to see his coffee sold everywhere and anywhere, he has big dreams. La Colombe’s major challenge will be taking on coffee giant Starbucks. Their famous bottle frappucino is typically the go-to refrigerated coffee drink sold outside of Starbucks stores. A little healthy competition is good to keep Starbucks from becoming a monopoly plus La Colombe is not taking on their stores, just their grocery sales.

General Mills Losing The Artificial Dyes And Flavors By 2017

Major changes are coming in the American food industry. McDonald’s will no longer use human antibiotics in their chicken and dairy products. Chipotle is going completely GMO-free. Panera is changing their recipes to exclude questionable ingredients. The FDA is outlawing trans-fats and now General Mills is getting in the game by announcing they plan to rid their cereals of artificial flavors and dyes by 2017. According to Paul Mathieson, these are all hugely positive steps toward ridding our food of toxic chemicals and bettering the overall national level of health. Think of the long term benefits, there could potentially by a decrease in cancer, disease, and infant mortality. Who really knows what decades of ingesting chemicals has done to our society? The soda industry should be next on the chopping block, many products are full of artificial flavorings, dyes, and Lord knows what else. Until then, we can all rest assured that positive changes are coming, mostly due to the public outcry to know what is in their food. Keep voicing opinions and change will continue to come.

Removing the Colors and Flavors from Cereal

Some companies are jumping on the healthy bandwagon, and one of those companies is General Mills. A recent announcement was made that items with transfat would need to be removed from store shelves or modified to remove the fat. General Mills has decided to take their own stand by removing artificial colors and flavors from all of the cereal that is sold. These cereals include Trix and Lucky Charms. There is no word as to how the cereals will look after the colors are removed as these are cereals that are vibrant and attractive to children. Bruce Levenson agrees that perhaps this is one of the reasons why General Mills has made the decision to remove these components, or it could be to try to motivate people to eat healthier by eliminating choices. The company has already started experimenting with items like carrots and various spices to get the colors and flavors, but there is no word as to how these products taste.

The Brunch Brigade

It is always nice to see a community of people stand together and encourage one another. It is a more beautiful picture to see a community of people come together in order to lift up and support neighbors was in the community. A restaurant in Worcester was struggling to pay the costs for expensive renovations. Devoted customers of anus claw brunch have received national attention after starting a fundraiser to help pay for the renovations. Annie’s Clark Brunchhas stood erect since 1991. Annie Jenkins and her daughter Megan run the restaurant that is right on the edge of Clark University. after more than 20 years in the restaurant business, and discovered that she would have to bring her grill, fire system, and kitchen up to code. And he has always offered customers low prices and quality food. Brad Reifler understands that this has made it incredibly hard for her to come up with $50,000 that it would cost for her innovations. Customers made the remarkable step to get her. $50,000. People from all over the world including by land, India, and England have donated money for this community people to keep their restaurant fixture up and running. Annie is $20,000 away from her goal and expects for enough donations to come in in order to reach that goal. Annie and her daughter are closing the store in the next week to start renovations. They are hoping that enough money and support comes in so that the community can come back to the place that they know and love.

Red Burgers are Coming Soon

Burger King is set to release red burgers to customers in Japan this summer. Burger king is set to release red burgers to customers in japan this summer. According to Marcio Alaor BMG, their all black everything burgers are scheduled to return this summer as well. For those of you who are not familiar with these, they were black buns with black cheese. Surprisingly no red number 40 was used, they went with tomato powder create their bright red buns and bright red cheese. I am not quite sure how customers will take to this in Japan but apparently there was no market in the US for black burgers or red burgers. The Asian culture is much more acceptable two colored foods then we are here in the Western Hemisphere. None the less you can chow down on one of these bright red burgers this summer in Japan for $4.40. So if you are in the mood for an all-black everything burger or an all red burger hop on a plane to Japan and you can dine on theses colorful culinary creations. Who knows maybe if we were to contact the Burger King Office we might be able to get them to do something like that here for us. Like say a red white and blue milk shake, I don’t think the classic American burger would go over well here if it were different colors.