An Egg a Day could help Undernourished Kids Grow Taller

Many kids especially those living in areas where there is little or no access to nutritious food tend to be impoverished and suffer from stunted growth. The World Health Organization’s report shows that at least 155 million kids under five years are stunted. Most of these kids live in the low and middle-income countries. A study conducted in Ecuador shows that an egg a day could help such kids grow bigger and taller, regardless of whether it is scrambled, boiled, or fried.


In the study, infants were randomly picked, where a small group was to eat an egg daily, and the other set apart as the control group that was not to consume any. Researchers made efforts of visiting the families of the selected group each week to ensure the schedule was followed, and also followed up on any side effects. By the end of the study, the group that consumed the eggs was less likely to have stunted growth by up to 47 percent. The study brings out a solution to malnutrition. Allergic reactions were also monitored, and no incidences were reported.


Lead researcher Ms. Lanonotti was surprised at just how effective the egg intervention was, citing that eggs would serve as a great solution for low-income families vulnerable to nutritional deficiency given that they are easily accessible and affordable. She went ahead to say that eggs are a perfect choice for kids as they come with a combination of nutrients. However, to prevent infections from affecting kids, the eggs must be cooked well.


For the first six months, WHO recommends that mothers breastfeed their infants exclusively for good health, optimal growth, and development. After this period, they should be engaged in a nutritious diet and continue breastfeeding for up to two years or more. Although eggs will play a great role in their menu, parents are advised to include a variety of foods in the diet.


Greg Secker: Taking Forex Trading to a New Level

If you keep abreast with forex trading news, you probably know who Greg Secker is. An entrepreneur who has gained worldwide recognition, Secker is not your usual business man. He is not only a trading master but also an international public speaker. He also has a family and takes his role as a father and husband very seriously. Secker is also a philanthropist and he supports various programs which are aimed at improving people’s lives.

Career Life

Born in 1975, Greg Secker did not always know that he would make it big in the world of forex trading. He kick-started his career with a job at Thomas Cook where he worked at the financial services department. Later on, he moved to forex trading where he was among the team that created the Virtual Trading Desk. This new platform helps traders an online experience which is based on a real-time experience. With this platform, traders are able to get forex quotes for all the transactions they are involved in.

Apart from Thomas Cook, Greg Secker also worked for Mellon Financial Services where he acted as their Vice President. While serving in this position, Secker was able to travel and network with many people in the trading business. With his acquired network, skill and experience, he broke away from employment and started his own group of companies: the Knowledge to Action Group.

Greg Secker’s Companies

With the establishment of the Knowledge to Action Group, Secker was able to expand and offer his services to a wider clientele. His companies under the group include the famous Learn to Trade, Capital Index, the Greg Secker Foundation and Smart Chart Software. These companies and the Foundation have transformed the manner in which people trade in foreign exchange.

If you do not have a clue about forex trading, you can easily get started by using the resources availed by Greg Secker. All you have to do is visit his websites and get acquainted with the various seminars, tutorials and materials. Any questions can be directed to him on the contacts made available on his websites.

Clay Siegall Is Doing A Lot Of Work On Cancer Therapy

There are several companies working in the field of cancer research. Seattle Genetics is occupying a unique place here. The CEO of this company is Clay Siegall. This is a company that is focused on several innovations it makes its advancements in the field of cancer therapy. Thus the stock prices of this company have tripled over the past five years. It also indicates the importance of this company in the field of cancer research.

Dr. Clay Siegall has a passion for improving the lives of those who are suffering from cancer. This has been with him ever since he started his career in biomedical studies. He is serving as the President, CEO, and even the Chairman of the Board at Seattle Genetics. Since 2002, Clay Siegall has been the chief executive officer of Seattle Genetics which he co-founded. He has over 20 years of experience. This is why he has been able to lead it to great advancements in the field of cancer research. He has managed to achieve several ground-breaking therapies which can be used for the treatment of cancer patients.

He holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the George Washington University. Clay Siegall has a long list of professional accomplishments to his name. His career had started as a Senior Research Investigator with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. After his promotion, he became the Principal Scientist over here. He moved on to become a Staff Fellow as well as Biotechnology Fellow at the National Cancer Institute. Next, Clay Siegall moved on to co-found Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall is known for his commitment towards conducting important research. He wants to implement all the latest developments in research methodologies. This is because of his consistent desire to help those who are suffering from cancer. His motivation is to alleviate their suffering. This passion has managed to help Clay Siegall in taking the company to new heights of success with regard to advancements in its research. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics developed its first antibody-drug conjugates. These include ADCETRIS®. It was in 2011 that it could secure FDA approval.

First Study Attempt on E-cigarettes Reveals its Damaging Nature on the Gums

According to research conducted by the Rochester University, findings show that E-cigarettes are equally as harmful as conventional cigarettes especially with the extent to which they damage the gums and teeth. This study was carried out by a respectable professor, Irfan Rahman. Irfan is a professor of environmental medicine and dentistry at the Rochester. In fact, this study was the first ever attempt made towards trying to expose the detrimental effects of electronic cigarettes on the oral health of individuals at both molecular and cellular levels.


It is alarming how electronic cigarettes continue to gain much popularity among the younger generation just because they are perceived as safer and healthier. According to Oncotarget research, scientists were of the opinion that the smoke in the cigarettes was responsible for causing damaging effects on a smoker’s health. However, this assumption has been disputed strongly as data that is more scientific was gathered and proves that this could not necessarily be true.

Rahman explained how the research they conducted at the University revealed the way vapor from e-cigs gets burnt and in turn release inflammatory proteins that cause a strain within the cells and as such trigger a number of oral diseases. He further explained that the extent of the damage to the gums and overall oral health depends on the frequency and the amount of e-cigs someone smokes every day.

In the study, 3-dimensional human nonsmoker tissues were exposed to the vapors that are contained in e-cigarettes to determine their damage on the gums. Also alongside this aspect, was an investigation concerning the flavorings that often added in the electronic cigarettes. Fawad Javed, a student that was involved in the study, reveals that according to findings, the flavorings that were put in the e-cigs only worked to worsen the damage of the vapor. E-cigarettes seem to cause more harm because, in addition to the vapor and flavoring, they also contain nicotine that is found in the conventional cigarettes and is well known for contributing towards the gum diseases.

Oncotarget is a medical journal that is considered multi-disciplinary because it publishes other important medical issues that are not purely about oncology. It is a reputable publication whose contribution is made by scientist and researchers. Learn more about Oncotarget at

Healthy Bones Brought to You by Yogurt

Recent research is leading health professionals to proclaim that yogurt may be good for your bones. Dairy has been linked to bone health for decades, but the research is uncovering that the best source of dairy for bone health is actually yogurt. Yogurt eaters have even been reported to perform better when given physical fitness tests.

Eamon J. Laird, a researcher at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, spoke with The New York Times about the apparent benefits of yogurt. Yogurt is a great source of Vitamin D, calcium, B vitamins, proteins, and probiotics.

In Ireland, lead author Laird and colleagues, tracked the diet of 4,130 Irish adults 60 and older. The team used advanced technology like X-rays and M.R.I. to examine each individuals physical abilities and bone health. It was determined that daily yogurt consumption increased bone mineral density by 3 to 4 percent.

Yogurt consumption drastically reduced the risk of osteoporosis in men with a 52% decrease. Yogurt consumption also significantly decreased the risk of osteoporosis in women with a 39% decrease. Both of these findings were based on the requirement that the individual was consuming yogurt as a part of their daily diet.

Lairds research was observational so a direct correlation between yogurt consumption and increased health cannot be declared. However, a strong association exists between the two, suggesting that yogurt consumption is beneficial for physical health.

An important detail to note is that in Laird’s research, other dairy products did not produce the same effects as yogurt. Given the complexity of the nutrients yogurt has to offer, individuals may be benefiting more from this particular dairy product because they are receiving so many nutrients in one compact dish.

Health professionals, like Laird, also note that it is important to pay attention to sugar content in your favorite yogurt. Many yogurts are quite high in sugar, so if you are consuming this food to reap its health benefits then you’ll want to avoid yogurt with high sugar content.


Greg Secker, the Multi-Talented Business Man

When thinking about multi-talented individuals, then Greg Secker is one of those. Greg can be defined as an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an international speaker, and a master trader. He is a young business professional as opposed to many others in the business industry; he was born on 18 February 1975.

Secker is considered a very successful man since he has made significant achievements within a short time. He is the founder of the Knowledge to Action group, which was launched in 2003. The organization is an affiliation of several companies: Learn to trade, Capita Index, and FX Capital.

Beginning of Greg’s Career

Greg Secker started his career in Thomas Cook Financial Services and later moved to the foreign exchange business where he ventured into a new business known as Virtual Trading Desk. That venture was the first ever online Forex trading platform. Greg would later become the Vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation, and then Fortune 500 Investment Bank. Despite his success in the two companies, Greg quit the company to venture into his own business.

Outstanding Performance

His business ventures have been very successful. All the companies have earned global awards for their exemplary performance. Greg is passionate about helping people, and this has seen him being nominated position 151 in the philanthropist list by Richtopia 2017. Greg also featured in the 2017 National CSR Awards as the finalist for his role in Outstanding Individual Corporate Leadership. Greg has portrayed an exemplary performance in all areas: in entrepreneurship, he made achievements by launching smart cards, Capital Index and FX capital.

In motivational speaking, he has spoken in major marketing channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg. Greg has spoken alongside respected personalities such as Robert Kiyosaki and Antony Robins. His foundation, Greg Secker foundation, has also made a great contribution in mentoring and helping people across the globe.

Boredom, the Source of Business Idea

You may be wondering, “Where did Greg Secker get these ideas?” Like many other successful people, Greg got his ideas from the usual things people are used to. His ideas were born partly from taking advantage of opportunities and boredom. After starting his business ventures, he thought it a good idea to start teaching people rather than spending the whole day in trading and investment banks. And that’s how his idea of motivational speaking was born. He also had a passion for assisting people, and this gave birth to his philanthropic actions.

How to Cook for a Large, Busy Family

If you have a large and busy family, the last thing you probably have time for is cooking. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it can be incredibly expensive to always make stops at your favorite local fast food joint to pick up dinner every night. It’s also just not healthy to be eating out all the time, and this is why it’s crucial to try to get back into the habit of cooking as often as you possibly can.


The key to cooking for a large family when you’re busy is preparing the meals in advance and choosing what you want to make. You want meals that are not only delicious, but quick and effortless to create. There are tons of prepackaged frozen meals that you can pick up at the grocery store to make at home in roughly 20 minutes. While these may not necessarily be the fresh meal you’ve always dreamed of cooking each night for the family, it definitely beats eating out all the time.


Don’t be afraid to get your kids involved when it comes to cooking, especially if you work a part or full-time job yourself. Even trade off cooking nights with your spouse to take the pressure off your own shoulders. There are many different options available to make cooking a breeze in your own home, but careful preparation and consideration is needed to do things correctly.


When it comes to cooking healthy home cooked meals, there’s nothing like gathering around the table together as a family to discuss your day. This is something that so many people nowadays just aren’t doing often enough. With busy schedules and people coming and going all the time, it might seem impossible to get the whole family together for a meal. This is not something that you should avoid just because it’s hard, as there are tons of things you can do that will make mealtime a lot easier for everyone involved. You need to discuss cooking options with your spouse and children to see who can help you out in order to avoid eating out all the time and opt for a better meal right in the comfort of your own home. You will also save a ton of money cooking at home, too.


The Food Crisis in Britain after the Brexit

The vote for the Brexit happened months ago, and people may have forgotten about it. However, after the British people through Theresa May invoked Article 50 of Lisbon convention, it’s clear as day that the British people want to leave the European Union as quickly as possible. Also, people were aware of the repercussions that would follow the Brexit vote. However, few saw the possibility of a food crisis created by the UK leaving the European Union. According to a select committee, it’s estimated that a looming food crisis is on the way unless something drastic is done. One of the shortcomings of Brexit to the agricultural sector is difficulties in certain areas especially recruitment and retaining of employees. This information was released by the Food and Rural Affairs Committee in a report known as Feeding the Nation: Labor Constraints.



Following the triggering of article 50 by Britain, there is reduced movement across Europe. To understand the nature of the issue on the food crisis, there are 400,000 people in Britain working in the British agricultural sector. However, a good number of these people are not employees, and the number is estimated at 120,000. According to a professor from Royal Agricultural University in Britain, should nothing be done about the current problem, Britain will be in trouble when it comes to food in the coming years. An article in the Independent says that many businesses will diminish overnight if immigration is also halted overnight. The areas that are likely to be affected include British fruits, the daily sector as well as British vegetables. Dry taps are also expected should immigration stop.


Stake holders of the food industry in Britain feel that the British government should give some assurances about the present condition. This concern comes at a time when Theresa May through the Conservative manifesto said that Britain would control immigration into the country. However, she said that her government remains committed to attracting skilled employees into Britain. Investors feel that the government should assure them that should they make investments in the food industry, they will have the required labor.


Feeding the Nation: Labor Constraints aims at establishing whether there are labor shortages in the horticultural sector while at the same time developing an agricultural workers scheme. Finally, it’s the role of the program to find long-term solutions facing Britain’s food security.


Tiny New Avocados To Be On Shelves

Avocados have become a modern staple. Whether spread on toast, roasted or turned into guacamole, they remain a favorite for those who enjoy their mild taste and versatility. While people love these pitted green fruit, many find their size a little intimidating. Grocers and farmers are aware of the problem. The large size can mean lots of leftovers and nowhere to store them. Many diners will pleased to find out that a new size of avocado is on the market. The smaller size means less waste as well as an item that is easier to cut and use in a single serving. It also means that the buyer can share the fruit with others and not worry about bagging any leftovers and bringing them home.


Trader Joe’s Comes to the Rescue


The moving force behind this new product is highly popular Trader Joe’s. Known for their innovative products, Trader Joe’s is one of the most adored retailers in the United States today. They offer a wide range of products that are unique to their stores. Buyers will find everything here from organic soap to specialized spices to large frozen dinners. Customers know they can come here and find all sorts of products they might not have access to anywhere else. This is why many observers are not surprised to hear they’ve made it even easier to buy and use avocados.


Teeny Tiny Avocados


Their new avocados have been dubbed teeny tiny avocados. Buyers can purchase them in a bag of six. Each one is the size of small lime. This makes it easier for the buyer to carry them around as part of a lunch. The smaller cores also mean there’s less waste and more avocado to use. This also makes the ideal for a single person to consume in a single setting. The new product has been embraced by many consumers across the country. They are classic Hass avocados, one of the most popular types of avocados in the United States. Buyers will find them in many Trader Joes at less than three dollars for a bag. Standard sized avocados retail for about a dollar or more depending on many factors including the location, the popularity of the fruit and the time of year.


Shake Shack Opening New Branch In East Village

Burgers continue to top the list of America’s favorite foods. People all over the country marvel at the chance to savor a well prepared meat patty with a slice of cheese, some lettuce, a tomato and a well crafted bun. A few burger chains have risen above the rest to take the lead and create burgers Americans adore. One such chain is Shake Shack. Shake Shack started in New York City over a decade ago. After Madison Square Park was redeveloped, state officials invited many food companies inside to provide quick meals for area tourists, residents and those who work there. With a single food cart, Shake Shack quickly rose to the heap and began enjoying enormous popularity. Diners were drawn the company’s command of the creation of a well thought out burger. Given that it was run was by famed restaurateur Danny Meyer and his esteemed restaurant group, lines began to snake out the door as word spread of the fabulous burgers available there.


Permanent Locations


In the last five years, company officials have opened several Shake Shacks across New York City as well as across the country. Diners can find a Shake Shack in several places in Manhattan including the Theater District, Grand Central Terminal and the Upper East Side. They can also find Shake Shacks in many other states and other cities across the country. Those who love burgers have discovered them in many major American cities such as Boston, Miami and Phoenix. In the last several years, more than one hundred Shake Shacks have taken the entire country by storm. Each location offers a menu with specific items that are customized to the area’s regional specialties, making each one a unique dining experience.


The New Location


The new Shake Shack is situated in the East Village, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan. This one will be about three thousand square feet, allowing many area residents to come here on their lunch break and enjoy the chain’s high quality burgers as well as their much renowned shakes. While the exact opening date has not been set, it will be housed in Astor Place. Several other restaurants are located there including a Bluestone Lane, making this a major regional food destination.