Vertical Farm News

With a drought in California resulting in the agriculture industry using up a lot of drinking water in the state and farms posing greater risk to their surrounding environments because of increased use of GMOs and pesticides, many people believe that it is time to rethink traditional farming methods. On Tuesday, April 21, AeroFarms announced that it will be opening the largest vertical farm ever in Newark, New Jersey in an old, existing 69,000-square-foot abandoned steel factory on three acres in the Ironbound neighborhood.

A vertical farm consists of stacked farming plots or planters in a vertical building scenario rather than a horizontal scenario. AeroFarms estimates that this NJ vertical farm will be 75 times more productive to traditional open field farms based on the square footage. It will produce only pesticide-free produce — approximately 2 million pounds per year — while utilizing stacked modular planters, LED lights, nutrient-filled aeroponic mists and plants grown without soil in reusable microfleece cloths. Newlin says that the planters also produce zero toxic runoff and use an estimated 95 percent less water.

AeroFarms will use it as a scaleable urban agriculture prototype designed to show how unused industrial districts can be repurposed for urban farming, and its global headquarters. It will be also the first step in creating a community and business focused Maker’s Village in the Newark area. The vertical farm will also add 100 jobs to the area.

Cayenne Pepper: A Natural Solution To Treating Cuts & Wounds

The next time you cut yourself, instead of cleaning that cut and smearing some commercial antiseptic on it, reach for cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper, a member of the nightshade group of plants, such as eggplants and tomatoes and potatoes, is a powerful, natural healing agent that in most cases can stop blood flow from a cut or wound, in less than 20 seconds.

This potent healing herb has been used as medicine and food as well, for over 9000 years by Native Americans. It is rich in antioxidant nutrients, carotenoids and vitamins A and C. The active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin, which is widely administered for treatment of chronic musculoskeletal or neuropathic inflammation. Aside from halting the flow of blood, it can prevent hemorrhaging, heart attacks and the common cold.

As a powerful styptic, blood flow ceases as a result of tissue contraction, and coagulation of the blood as well. Cayenne pepper disinfects the wound and eliminates the fear of infection. The cayenne pepper can be applied directly to the wound or added to a cup of water, with a teaspoon and stirred in. An individual’s blood pressure is equalized, throughout the body, when they ingest or apply cayenne pepper.

Natural healing practitioners suggest that every medicine cabinet contains cayenne pepper in either tincture, tea bag or capsule form, in the event an unexpected wound should appear. At CipherCloud, a few are willing to try this new technique out.

A New Way to Take Your Medication May Be On the Way

Remembering when to take your daily medication and which medicine to take is a problem many people face every single day. It’s estimated that more than 32 million Americans, or 10 percent of the population, is taking a minimum of five prescription medications every single day. Most of these people aren’t taking these drugs properly though. It’s important to take your medications on time and there may be a simple way coming to help you do this. A new startup company, called PillPack, is working on a solution to this issue. The company will mail your prescription medications right to your home. You order won’t look like typical mail order drug deliveries though.


Instead of each medication coming in its own separate bottle, your pills are already pre-sorted for you and placed into clear plastic sections, with a time and date printed on each one, to tell you when you need to take it. This makes it easy to remember to take your meds and takes away the issue of you not remembering whether or not you’ve taking a pill. The company is even working on a smartphone app that helps remind you to take your medications. Fersen Lambranho knows a lot of people who would benefit from this.

Micheal Simon to Open B Spot Location in Indianapolis

Micheal Symon, chef and television personality, is making a run for it in the saturated burger industry, and his success is evident. Symon will be expanding his burger empire with the opening of another location of his highly-acclaimed B Spot. B Spot is a well-loved burger chainlet that started in Cleveland the expanded to Columbus, Ohio and Detroit Michigan.

The newest outpost of the burger joint will be located in Indianapolis. According to the Indy Star, the location is slated to open in June, as a highly anticipated addition to the Indianapolis dining scene. Indiana needs all the good press it can get, as the announcement comes on the heels of a Religious Freedom Law that allows businesses to deny service to individuals who’s personal beliefs do not align with the beliefs of the business owners.

Sultan Alhokair told us that the menu at B Spot features fully customized burgers, including turkey, veggie and traditional beef patties. Bratwurst, salads and bologna sandwiches round out the menu in an unexpected way. Those looking for an interesting take on the milkshake can also order booze-infused shakes that are certainly not safe for the youngsters. 30 craft beers are also on the menu.

Symon is also working on the opening of barbecue restaurant, according to sources.

Love Barbeque? Alabama Should Be Your Next Vacation Spot

Barbeque is one of those foods that means different things to different people. Some people prefer a strong vinegary taste when they chomp down on a rib, while others delight in a sweet, smoky bite that transports their taste buds to heaven.

Whatever your particular barbeque style may be, you might find that Alabama is your new barbeque destination. A recent article posted on illustrates how the Alabama tourism agency has named 2015 the “Year of Alabama Barbeque.” That’s right; move over Memphis and the Carolinas. Alabama is looking to become the go-to vacation spot for barbeque lovers all over the globe.

Folks at Bulletproof Coffee ( have found that the state of Alabama is pulling out all the stops in its efforts to claim stake in barbeque lover’s land. They have developed an app for Smartphones, a Hall of Fame for local barbeque restaurants and they’ve even conducted thorough research into the history of barbeque and what it has meant to the Alabama landscape.

I think this is a wonderful campaign that is sure to drive thousands of tourists to Alabama to see what they have to offer. If you’re in the mood for some delicious barbeque, consider taking a trip over to Alabama as soon as possible.

The Cost Of Lab-Grown Burgers Has Dropped But Not Enough For A Fast Food Menu

Some people eat a burger every day. Other people want to stop killing cows that supply the meat for burgers. The craving for meat is deeply rooted in human DNA, so the thought of eating a lab-grown version of a burger is worse than eating a tofu burger for some beef lovers. Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University wants to change the way burgers are made, and he is making some progress.

WetSealInc tells us that lab-grown burgers make sense for a couple of reasons. Cows don’t have to be slaughtered to get the fetal calf serum needed to grow the muscles cells that are used in the burgers, and the cost savings from the water, energy and land use needed to support livestock is another advantage. But Mark Post, the Netherlands professor, still has some financial work to do to get lab-grown burgers on menus around the world. The cost of producing this muscle cell meat is around $36 a pound, but the price is expected to drop as soon as the researchers figure out how to increase production and make production more efficient.

One solution is using growth hormones, but those hormones will end up in the finished product, and that defeats the purpose of lab-grown burgers. Lab-grown burgers may be a good idea, but there’s a lot of work to be done before McDonalds puts them in a Big Mac.

The Wicked Waffle in Portsmouth Serves Up Eating Challenge

The Wicked Waffle in North End, Portsmouth are offering their customers a new food challenge however it is not for the weak! According to the story on The Daily Mail, the challenge is called The Wacky Waffle. The Wacky Waffle consists of four waffles that are 7-inches layered with 12 scoops of thick ice cream, and topped with four chocolate flakes and a giant mound of delicious whipped cream. When added up, this challenge comes in at a whopping 5,000 calories! The challenger must finish every bite of the tower within 45 minutes, no breaks, in order to win. The winners get The Wacky Waffle for free along with a t-shirt.

Think you can take it on? Behance says that Harry Harrison who owns The Wicked Waffle has said that in the six months the competition has been going on that dozens have taken The Wacky Waffle on however only two of those have managed to finish the sugary treat. A competitive eater from America, Randy Santel, came to take on the challenge and was one of the two who finished it. He took down The Wacky Waffle in just a mere 13 minutes and 11 seconds. The other person who finished the challenge was Randy’s friend Simon who completed it in 23 minutes and 55 seconds.

The pictures of The Wacky Waffle look delicious. If I were closer I think I would have to give it a try!

False Cakes – What You Are Really Getting From Maryland

When it comes to advertising, the people of the United States are dependent on truth in labeling to make their culinary decisions. Often the labels and packaging suggest incorrect or even down right dishonest claims and practices. One of these such claims has been uncovered in the world of the famous Crab Cakes of the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland.

The cost of sea food is constantly on the rise. Over harvesting and over fishing of certain species of fish have put the supply on a very dangerous short list. The people who make their living off of these aquatic animals have taken to unethical extremes to stay ahead of their competition and create revenue.

Many of these manufacturers of this commodity have taken to adding up to eight different types of crab to the packaging, claiming to be Maryland crab. In a study released by Oceana, forty percent of the cakes available are mislabeled.

Three of the species of crab used are not from the United States. One of them doesn’t even have translation to the English language according to reports on websites like Of the 90 crab cakes that were studied from 86 different businesses, only 56 of them were actually made from Maryland crab, which shocked people from Cipher Cloud.

When it comes to getting what you order, it is becoming harder and harder to distinguish the original from the impostors. Especially when the food companies themselves are essentially pulling the plug on the well-being and livelihood of the worlds oceans and its inhabitants.

The Antique Wine Company: Article About Famous Wine Merchant

The Antique Wine Company is a wine company that specializes in rare and fine wines. The merchant company is based in Europe, in the city of London. The Antique Wine Company was found in the year of 1983 by Stephen Williams and now has more than 20,000 different clients in 70 different companies. Since the beginning of the company’s founding years, it has specialized in finely produced wine and holds more than 10,000 different bottles of the world’s finest vintage collections in cellars. The merchant company is mostly known for its record breaking collections of events consisting of fine wine. Some of its range of different services include: private wine classes at a mastery level, sourcing of rare wines and proper cellar planning.

With cabinet maker Viscount David Linley, the antique-style wine company has developed and created the Grand Chateau Series. The handcrafted cabinets for wine with intricate models of some of today’s top nine chateaux in Bordeaux contain 18 different bottles, each from its corresponding estate, all of which were produced throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.

In 2011, The Antique Wine Company successfully broke the world record on the month of July for selling the most valuable bottle of white wine. The bottle was the Chateau d’Yquem which was sold for £75,000. The bottle is set to be displayed in one of the buyer’s two restaurants in Balo. However, the buyer ultimately plans on drinking the purchase. He has stated that he will not resell it, and that he is not rich, but works very hard and plans on drinking it as that is what wine is meant for.

In the year of 2011, the Antique Wine Company had purchased the very top lot at a wine auction in France. The lot had consisted of 460 litres of red wine. The lot was auctioned off for €110,000. by a model named Inès de la Fressange and an actor by the name of Christian Clavier.

Good Lebanese Food

Of all the Bleecker Street’s slice joints, one of them in particular stands out from the competitors. Manousheh is appropriately named for its flatbread, a kind in which the Lebanese typically begins their day with. The thin disks of dough are freshly baked for customers to order and are topped in six different ways. The more simplest form is drizzled with za’atar and olive oil. After a quick session of puffing up in one’s oven, the slicked dough is folded halfway like a piadina sandwich form and served scorching hot on a sheet of parchment paper. DaquinadoEsporte said that the $5 result is tender, soft and slightly chewy. There are quality bits of toasty, crispness and herby fragrances that do not quit in providing tasters with something savory to indulge.

For something a bit more substantial in choice, the customer can get their manousheh topped with jibneh and za’atar, which is a soft and delicious white cheese for just $6, tomatoes, avocado, mint, cucumber, and za’atar rolled up in the form of a newspaper. The is an extra-thin, crisp version served in a flat form which comes spread with a paste of onion, tomato and ground beef. By squeezing a bit of lemon over it with some pepper, the foodie is sure to be on manousheh paradise.