Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Recalled When Metal Found in Eight Boxes

The Kraft Company recently pulled 6.5 million macaroni and cheese packages from shelves. This occurred in stores located in; the United States, Caribbean and parts of South America. There are reportedly only eight boxes that are contaminated with metal shards, but they are playing it safe and calling back millions of boxes.

The boxes this effects are 7.25 ounces and contain the original flavor of macaroni and cheese stated Jamie Garcia Dias. The boxes are marked with the ‘best used by’ dates from September 18 and October 11 of 2015 with a ‘cz’ code embedded on them. What makes this difficult is that some infected packages were enclosed in three box packages, so consumers should check their purchases carefully.There have been no injuries related to the finding of what are being called ‘small pieces of metal’ in the boxes. The company was contacted from eight customers that thought their product did not look right, but had not eaten or been injured from the macaroni and cheese.

The Kraft Company has issued an apology and states they deeply regret this situation. Customers who have purchased the recalled boxes can return them to the store where they were purchased. Packages that are returned can either be done so for an exchange or refund of the monies paid.

The incident has hurt the Kraft Company on their shares. Their shares fell to 1.9% bringing them to $60.52 since the announcement was made. History shows this type of recall leads to only a short term drop in shares, they generally return to normal within just a few weeks.

Hospital Food Under Debate

People go to hospitals when they are sick or injured, knowing that the medical professionals will provide the top-notch care needed to get them healthy again. Hospital foods are notoriously terrible…bland, overcooked, expensive, and so on. Often people turn to fast food restaurants for halfway decent food during their stay.

In fact, Christian Broda told that some hospitals actually have a fast food chain within their walls. To some physicians offering these fatty foods at a medical facility is counter productive. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a non-profit group, is working to bring attention to this problematic subject and, eventually, eliminate the practice of placing fast food restaurants within hospitals.

The group may be facing an uphill battle due to the high level of profits these restaurants bring in for the hospital. Those who are visiting loved ones have very limited options of what to eat and often much chose the best of the worst. In those situations visitors would love to have a fast food option to add flavor and variety to the crappy hospital cafeteria and vending machine diet. There is a fine line between giving guests more food options and promoting bad eating habits, that is exactly what this group intends to review.

Kraft Announces Massive Recall

An American family favorite is the latest food product to have a massive recall this year. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is recalling 242,00 boxes due to a risk for minuscule metal bits potentially in some, or all of the boxes. The Kraft company has voluntarily decided to pull these products from store shelves and warn consumers to avoid any negative health concerns in mac and cheese eaters noted AnastasiaDate. Buyers must beware of the packaging code “C2″ on the problematic boxes. Kraft cites the problem as stemming from one of their many packaging plants. There is no risk to the majority of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese products so consumers, if they wish, may continue to purchase their children’s favorite meal and rest assured that the manufacturers are doing their best to quickly and efficiently remove tainted products. This is one of the biggest food recalls so far in 2015.

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